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01 January 2011, 09:55 PM
So this was done as a way to teach myself how to use vectors, since I've never worked with them before. Anyway, ignore that for now. What I really need help with (right now) is the GUI, more specifically the check box groups.

I want the ALL boxes to, by default, be checked on, however, when I add the "-v1 1", I get this error:
// Error: line 124: Invalid object or value: 1 //

I'm not sure what to do. I've read the help and it looks like everything it set up correctly. Could someone take a look for me? If there's a better way to do this, please let me know.

I'm still learning, so I need a lot of help. The script isn't done, but if you see anything that sticks out so far, let me know. And use small words :)


// Name: Align Script (50%) //
// Author: Melissa Starks //
// Description: This script allows the user to align one //
// object with one (or more) object(s) based on //
// translation and/or rotation. //

/*General notes:
//goal - final resting place
target - items to be moved

Finish scripting

Create the GUI
link all proc's to proper GUI elements
Bug testing


//Copies all transformation values from Goal
global proc transformAll(int $doTx, int $doTy, int $doTz, int $doRx, int $doRy, int $doRz) {
//int $doTx = 1; int $doTy = 1; int $doTz=1; int $doRx = 1; int $doRy = 1; int $doRz = 1;
//---> 1) Query Goal's position (this is the last item selected)
string $sel[] = `ls -sl`; //Query everything selected
int $sizeSel = `size $sel`; //Query how many items are in the
string $goal = $sel[$sizeSel-1]; //Selects the goal
//println = $goal;
vector $transGoal = `xform -q -t -ws $goal`; //Queries the goals position in space
vector $rotGoal = `xform -q -ro -ws $goal`; //Queries the goals position in space
//print $transGoal;
//Queries the position of all of the targets
int $xp;
//---> 2) Query Target's position
vector $transTarget = `xform -q -t -ws $sel[$xp]`;
println ($transTarget + "\n");
vector $rotTarget = `xform -q -ro -ws $sel[$xp]`;
println ($rotTarget + "\n");
//---> 3) Pick and choose values from the goal or target as necessary
$transTarget = ($transGoal.x) ($transTarget.y) ($transTarget.z);
$transTarget = ($transTarget.x) ($transGoal.y) ($transTarget.z);
$transTarget = ($transTarget.x) ($transTarget.y) ($transGoal.z);
$rotTarget = ($rotGoal.x) ($rotTarget.y) ($rotTarget.z);
$rotTarget = ($rotTarget.x) ($rotGoal.y) ($rotTarget.z);
$rotTarget = ($rotTarget.x) ($rotTarget.y) ($rotGoal.z);
float $xpos = ($transTarget.x);
float $ypos = ($transTarget.y);
float $zpos = ($transTarget.z);
float $xrot = ($rotTarget.x);
float $yrot = ($rotTarget.y);
float $zrot = ($rotTarget.z);
$xpos = ($transGoal.x);

$ypos = ($transGoal.y);

$zpos = ($transGoal.z);

$xrot = ($rotGoal.x);

$yrot = ($rotGoal.y);

$zrot = ($rotGoal.z);

//---> 4) Move Target to new position
print ("Moving to: "+$xpos+" "+$ypos+" "+$zpos+"\n");
xform -ws -t $xpos $ypos $zpos $sel[$xp];
xform -ws -ro $xrot $yrot $zrot $sel[$xp];


//the GUI
global proc alignGUI(){
string $win;
if (`window -exists $win`){
deleteUI -window $win;

string $win = `window -wh 400 400 -rtf true -sizeable false -title "Align Objects"`;
string $alignGUIFrame =
`frameLayout -cl off
-labelVisible true
-label "Align Axes:"
-borderVisible true
-collapsable false
-width 400`;

//text -l "Translate:"
$transButtonGrp = `checkBoxGrp -numberOfCheckBoxes 1
-label "Translate:"
-labelArray2 "ALL" tranAll`;
//int $qT = `checkBoxGrp -query -v1 tranAll`;
$transButtonGrp2 = `checkBoxGrp -numberOfCheckBoxes 3
-label ""
-labelArray3 "X" "Y" "Z" tXYZBoxes`;
//checkBoxGrp -q -value1 tXYZBoxes;

$rotButtonGrp = `checkBoxGrp -numberOfCheckBoxes 1
-label "Rotate:"
-labelArray2 "ALL" -v1 1 rotAll`;
$transButtonGrp2 = `checkBoxGrp -numberOfCheckBoxes 3
-label ""
-labelArray3 "X" "Y" "Z" -v1 0 -v2 0 -v3 0 rXYZBoxes`;
//int $qTB = `checkBoxGrp -q -v2 rXYZBoxes`;
//print $qTB
separator -style "in" -w 400 -h 5;

rowColumnLayout -numberOfRows 1;
button -label "Apply" -command ("");
button -label "Close" -command "deleteUI -window win";

showWindow $win;


global proc doAlignGUI(){
//get info from alignGUI and pass it to transformAll proc
//---> 1) Get info from GUI
//---> 2) Call transformAll, passing along the info from GUI


01 January 2011, 10:24 PM
the problem you mention is due to the fact that your checkBoxGrp command creates ONE checkbox, but you use the -labelArray2 flag, then only give it one label: "ALL". So it's seeing -v1 as the SECOND label in the label array!

also, a frameLayout can only take a single layout as a child, and you have given three (two columnLayouts and a rowLayout!) so you will also probably need to fix this.


01 January 2011, 06:32 PM
Thanks for the quick response! I was going insane, but that explanation makes so much sense.

I'll fix the frameLayout issue too and repost when I get a little farther.

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