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01 January 2011, 10:45 PM
Ok so I have been through countless tutorials trying to setup a stretchy IK Rig. However, after following each step to the end when i go to test it out FAIL!. :surprised Most commonly the joints wont stretch and sometimes before even getting to the end when i go to Connect the Condition Node or Multiply Divide Node (depends on which tutorial) attribute to the Joint Scale X Y or Z i get error warnings (telling me that the joints may not functions as expected. I've tried almost everything I can think of Simplifying my joint chain to just spending 5hours last night tweaking numbers and random connections. Does anyone know what may be wrong?
Also on a side note since we are on the topic of Stretch IK's I had some question about their setup.

1: Do the two Distance Nodes or Null Groups need to be at each end of the IK?
(Meaning could I have joints within a certain point of an IK chain stretch but have other joints function regular)

Example: In a Arm, I want the joints from the clavicle to the shoulder to stretch but all other joints in the IK arm chain to function regularly. So when I pull on the Hand Manipulator the stretch only comes from the localized area (clavicle/shoulder area).

If this is confusing or need more information please do not hesitate to ask. Im frustrated to the point of tears :cry:
Thanks Cordale

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01 January 2011, 10:45 PM
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