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01 January 2011, 08:30 PM
Luma Pictures has decided to release some Nuke tools to the public. *The community has been, and continues to be, a great resource for all our artists. *This is our way of trying to give a little something back.*

The zipped download of all our Nuke tools can be found here.* (

Please feel free to email**with any questions, comments, bug reports, feature requests, etc. * (


Here are the direct links to the Nukepedia pages.

Just drag and drop gizmos into the correct folder and they will show up in your Nuke menus. No longer will you have to create the menu items manually for each gizmo you want to install.

L_ AspectMask (
Applies an aspect mask over the image. The mask should properly adjust for image resolution and pixel aspect.

L_AlphaClean (
Removes stray pixels from the alpha channel of your matte

L_BlurHue (
Blurs just color information on the image.

L_CameraBlur (
Use this node to add camera motion blur to an element.

L_ChannelSolo (
Shuffles the chosen channel into RGBA

L_CropBBox (
Crops any bounding box outside of the input "width" and "height".

L_Despill (
A Despill Node

L_ExponBlur (
The ExponBlur blurs an image with an exponential falloff based upon an alpha.

L_Fuse (
Fuse is a replacement for the merge(over) node.

L_Grain (
Added functionality to Nuke's default grain node.

L_Icolor (
Icolor will apply the hue information from the A input to the B input.

L_Ramp (
A Shake style ramp

L_SpotRemover (
Similar to MarkerRemoval

L_SwitchMatte (
Grabs the alpha channel from the A input and premultiplies it to the B input.

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