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01 January 2011, 09:48 AM
Hello, i am creating a clock animation for a watch that i am modelling that is created and modeled by python code and expressions, i have done it all and got the hour hand to be correct but i cant figure out what figures i should be putting for the minOffset and the secOffset. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

# Hour hand
cmds.expression( o='hourHand[0]', s="hourHand.rotateZ=-frame/3000+%d"%hourOffset)

# minute hand
cmds.expression( o='minHand[0]', s="minHand.rotateZ=-frame/250+%d"%minOffset)

# second hand
cmds.expression( o='secHand[0]', s="secHand.rotateZ=-6*frame/25+%d"%secOffset)

# applying the expressions
cmds.expression( o='secHand[0]', s='secHand.rotateZ=-6*frame/25' )
cmds.expression( o='minHand[0]', s='minHand.rotateZ=-1*frame/250' )
cmds.expression( o='hourHand[0]', s='hourHand.rotateZ=-30*frame/3000' )

01 January 2011, 04:03 AM
You need the angles for the three clock hands.
Initialize the three clock hands to 12, and the angle of each one to zero.

Now for s seconds you need the rotation angle:

sec_angle = s/60*2*pi

For m minutes and s seconds:

min_angle = (m/60 + s/60/60)*2*pi

For h hours m minutes and s seconds:

hour_angle = (h/12 + m/60/12 + s/60/60/12)*2*pi

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