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10 October 2003, 03:19 PM
I used Messiah 1.5.7 for many productions. I just started to use Messiah3.3b. It offers a lot of new, very helpfull features. Most of them are selfexplaning but I can't figure out one of the most important of all. Controlling my deformation using weights.

Are weights fully operational?
Is it possible to transfer LW Weightmaps to Messiah animate 3.3b?
Is there a LWPlugin to export LW Weightmaps to a .mbw(messiah bone weights) file?
How do I import a .mbw file into messiah?
Do I have to use Factored weights or Directweights?

As you can see I'm quite lost on this matter. I can't figure out how it works.:banghead:

PS: How do I activate the debug mode (see my expressions resulting values like in 1.5.7) in the command window?

10 October 2003, 04:18 PM
Hi ljilekor

Weights are fully functional in Messiah, but they do not get setuped like LW Weights.

Theres no away (at least right now) to export LW Weights to Messiah.

Factored Weights are the "default" Bones weights, just rig your character and those Weighs are the Factored Weights.

Direct Weights are made with Metaeffectors, Joe Cosman is releasing soon a new Video Tut CD where he explains Soft and Rigid Weights in Messiah :applause:

Debug mode is a button on the Command Tab, right below in the Expressions List (the ones you made), look for it, it says "Dbg"

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