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01 January 2011, 03:47 PM

So heres the story. About a year ago I was active user of this forum, was posting my work in showcase gallery, get feedback all good. Since then I took a year break from CGI Forums(all), and lock myself out in my room doing CGI...

Now I've decided to put some of my work out to get some feedback. I've started posting few weeks ago, 1st post was Aston for unknown reasons it didn't even got submitted to forum/fine... Some time later I submit Ferrari Images, they got declined with info saying...

''* We're very sorry to let you know that this work does not yet meet our standards as a completed piece for the Showcase Gallery. We'd like to encourage you to post your work in the WIP forum to develop it further before submitting it again.''

I was kinda... O_O, I did less interesting renders a year a go and they got in to gallery... why not ferrari? I PM'ed admins of forum but no reply...

Now I try to submit Seat Ibiza and I got that same answer as b4...

And just hands down... is my work really that bad or does some1 hate me up there for unknown reasons? Or did the rules changed and I have to do something else in order to submit my work?

My work can be find in my Portfolio, I attempted to submit Aston/Blue Ferrari and now Ibiza... all declined :/

Thanks for any help ! cu

01 January 2011, 01:41 PM
Hi, I wanted to respond to your post because this is becoming all too common of a problem.

I, too, have been declined in submitting work and I saw NOTHING wrong with it. I also have a handful of renders that made it in with positive feedback. I have no idea what is going on lately.

Creative work doesn't make it in but every single boring "living room" or "architectural" render does making it all seem like a tech demo site.

I have all but given up on submitting renders. I will just view the ones that do make it in.

It's also a shame that the moderators don't answer any questions. I am finding online art sites more and more biased by the day.

I checked out your artwork and see no reason why it shouldn't have been accepted! I'm sorry that it didn't make it. The car renders have a very nice concept feel and are nice and sharp. I really fail to see why they were not accepted.

Good luck with future attempts, my friend!


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01 January 2011, 01:41 PM
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