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12 December 2010, 07:07 PM
Hey people, hope you're all ok.

Stumbled upon a bit of problem using Vray 2.0 for 3ds max 2011.
Im not sure if something have changed with the new version of vray coming out as i've never had this problem with vray before; it seems like my setup for simple glass with VrayMTL just won't work. No matter how I change the settings my object stays solid and wont act as glass when I render. Have anyone had similar problems? I have looked for a while now but can't seem to find anything on the forums about it.

I've made sure my diffuse is set to complete black, i've changed the colour of both reflection and refraction to everything from white/black/grey; nothing works.
Fresnel is on and I have tried changing the values of IOR and the different maximum depths within Reflection and Refraction settings it just still wont work.
I have also tried putting "Double sided" and "Reflect on back side" on and off; this does not help either.

I have also applied the material to a single face and a plane with thickness and rendering both; doesn't work.

Something worth mentioning might be my object within the viewports of Max does become transparent; but it is the actual render that turns out to come out as a solid.
My normals are fine so they can't be the problem.

Im rendering using simple vray sky and sun.

Any help will be very much appreciated!

Thank you,

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12 December 2010, 07:07 PM
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