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12-27-2010, 04:59 AM
Hey all,

I have a problem that is seriously driving me nuts!

I have 2 machines I am using with backburner to render.

Windows 7
Backburner 2008
Maya 2011
Mental Ray
Multi-Channel EXR

Sometimes certain jobs and tasks will render (as in backburner shows the jobs being rendered and the elapsed time is correct when it completes), but no imaqes are actually written to the image directory. I have checked permissions and both machines can create files in the folder. Backburner never gives me an error and maya seems to be actually calculating the render, but I am not getting an image.

I would really love some help here as I am about to go nuts. Or I might already be there. :curious:




12-27-2010, 05:49 PM
did you share the folder and did you connect it as a network drive (like c:\maya\something as z:\)?

12-27-2010, 07:23 PM
Yes, everything is shared correctly.

I ran a test last night on one machine only. The machine that has all of the files locally stored on it. It successfully rendered and wrote the files for the first 2 tasks. The last 4 tasks took the same time to calculate as tasks 1 and 2, but the image files are nowhere to be found. :banghead:

At this point it seems like it might be backburner, but I cannot tell. I am going to try running a GUI batch render later today to see if anything strange happens there.

Any help/advice out there would be fantastic!!! Deadlines are looming.

Thanks all!


12-30-2010, 10:03 PM
okay all, I think I solved the problem... I think.

A couple of the scenes I was rendering that were giving me the problems had a few things specific to those scenes that were causing backburner to behave weird.

1. Negative Frames = Bad. I have usually avoided this because of the weird sequences it produces. However in these scenes our VO sound track started at frame 1 and we needed a bit of lead in animation for the editor so I just decided to set start frame to -10. didn't use the sound offset option because that breaks for playblasts... Bugs = Awesome... anyways backburner doesn't like negative frames.

2. To solve negative frames you can choose the renumber frames option. This works great if you are rendering your job all at once in one sequence. Once you through backburner into the mix and break the job up into tasks this is where the oddities come in. Basically each task is it's own job. The Maya scene file says to renumber the rendered frames starting at frame 1. So task 1 is render 1 - 10 which gets renumbered to 1-10. Task 2 is rendering 11 -20 which gets again renumbers 1-10. So all of the frames are being rendered (as I noticed) but the frames were overwriting the previous ones. Hence why I only ended up with the first 10 frames when all 50 were actually rendered.

So long story short. Don't do anything weird with frame sequencing when using backburner (or any other dispatcher probably) unless you want lots of frustration and anger.

Thanks everyone. I hope this reply is helpful to those who might be looking for this solution as well.

cheers! :beer:


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