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12 December 2010, 04:01 PM
Hi I try to create a cell division scene in which one cell divides into two and four and eight.....
I figure out the logic to do it but I am pretty new with using mel script to control nParticle/particle...So I am wondering if anyone can help, so here is my logic:
1)emit first particle and set a lifespanPP=1 (any small numbers)
2)when particle 1 die, record its position x, y,z
3) at the same position, generate particle 2 and 3 (so it will look like one particle come two particles)
then create a loop to make every particle to go through step 1,2,3.

So that my idea about how to create the cell division there anyone can help me to convert this idea to mel script? Thanks a lot!

01 January 2011, 11:47 PM
I can't help you much, I'm no expert on dealing with particles individually and it's going to be pretty complex either way.

A few things I can help you with, and perhaps someone else can help you with the rest.

To get the position of an individual particle:
`getParticleAttr -at worldPosition[x]`; //where x is the particle ID.

You can call individual particles with a simple if statement:
if(particleShape.particleID == x) { do something here }; //again x is the particle ID.

So for instance you could create a runtime expression (this is going to be pretty dumb, but I don't intend to try it out myself, sorry):

float $lastParticle = 0;
vector $instancePos = `getParticleAttr -at worldPosition[$lastParticle]`;
if (particleShape.particleID == $lastParticle)
{ particleShape.lifespanPP = 0 };
if ((particleShape.particleID > $lastParticle) && (particleShape.particleID <=$lastParticle+2)
{particleShape.position = $instancePos};

I might just be making a fool out of myself with that rubbish, but hey, I guess it's worth a try :)

01 January 2011, 05:07 PM
you could do this effect with a piece of geo that is driven by a blendshape then use a single nParticle as a goal.

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