View Full Version : how to make docked UI smaller? or can I parent this to something?

12 December 2010, 06:13 PM
I am making a little Starcraft style quick selector for myself and I have one problem. It's kind of huge:

I can't get it any smaller. Is there a way to remove the label or resize bars? Or can I set this to parent the bottom of the Attribute Editor or somethign?

12 December 2010, 03:34 PM
Ok - I got the size down by turning off scrolling and stuff but I still have a lot of padding around the dock title. Is it possible to move buttons up inside the formlayout without cropping them? I see in the toolbar that the bar and the button can be very close but mine just crops when I use a negative offset:

The toolbar:

mine currently:

here's the code currently:
global proc quickselector()

string $myquickselectorDC;

string $quickselectordialogBoxWindow = `window -s false -tb false quickselector`;

setParent ..;

columnLayout -h 5;

if (`dockControl -exists thequickselector`) {deleteUI thequickselector;}

string $myquickselectorDC = `dockControl -area "bottom"
-content $quickselectordialogBoxWindow
-allowedArea "bottom"
-allowedArea "top"
-label "QuickSelector"

string $numberOfButtons[] = `lsType "objectSet"`;

string $form = `formLayout -height 5 -numberOfDivisions 100`;
string $b1 = `button -width 82 -command "select -r Set1;" -label "Set1" -height 15`;
string $b2 = `button -width 82 -command "select -r Set2;" -label "Set2" -height 15`;
string $b3 = `button -width 82 -command "select -r Set3;" -label "Set3" -height 15`;
string $b4 = `button -width 82 -command "select -r Set4;" -label "Set4" -height 15`;
string $b5 = `button -width 82 -command "select -r Set5;" -label "Set5" -height 15`;
string $b6 = `button -width 82 -command "CreateQuickSelectSet;" -label "Create qs" -height 15`;
string $column = `columnLayout -h 5`;

formLayout -edit

-attachForm $b1 "top" -5
-attachForm $b1 "left" 0

-attachForm $b2 "top" 0
-attachForm $b2 "left" 82

-attachForm $b3 "top" 0
-attachForm $b3 "left" 164

-attachForm $b4 "top" 0
-attachForm $b4 "left" 246

-attachForm $b5 "top" 0
-attachForm $b5 "left" 328

-attachForm $b6 "top" 0
-attachForm $b6 "left" 410



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