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12 December 2010, 09:06 PM
Maybe this is a weird question, because I suspect things typically go the other way. However, I've worked with 3ds my entire academic career. I know 3ds Max (more or less) and I'm considering changing my workflow to involve more open-source software. Hence, I'd like to move into using Blender more.

Are there any tutorials out there that teach Blender through the eyes of a 3ds Max user? Or is this sort of tutorial even necessary? Ultimately, if there's stuff out there, I'll go check it out. If not, maybe there's a niche there that I can provide some foresight into (once I learn Blender, of course :p )

12 December 2010, 04:46 AM
I came from Blender to Max, and still prefer Blender for some things. I use the keyboard more than the gizmo (widget) in Blender, as it can be turned off. The biggest change is the lack of procedural/parametric objects - like a box. In Blender 2.5x, you have some basic parameters that can be changed when you first create something, but once you do the next operation, those parameters are set.

No ngons, which I think is good (ngons are good for somethings, but mostly for visual display). Blender is better suited for organic/character type applications, in my opinion - stick with good quads and loops.

Import/Export is still lacking, and the I/O scripts often are buggy (due to 'hacking' or reverse engineering other formats, rather than using a proper licensed import/export algorithm).

Ultimately, Blender is more friendly to keyboard users than mouse clickers (which is more efficient anyway, once you're familiar with the key bindings, which are customizable in 2.5)

(common -
g=move (grab),
alt-d=instance (linked duplicate),
hit x/y/z once to constrain to world axis, twice to constrain to local axis,
numpad for set views (1 front, 3 side, 7 top, 5 persp toggle, ctrl 1/3.5 for opposite, 2/4/6 to rotate in that view),
tab to enter 'edit' mode,
once in edit mode:
e=extrude (vert, face, edge),
f=create face,
w=specials menu,
alt-right click to select loop (verts, edges or faces),
p=detach (separate) to parts,
ctrl-tab to select vert/edge/face mode)

That should be enough to model a Ferrari.

Armature=bones, there is some rudimentary form of a Biped type system (in 2.5), but nothing like CAT's builtin actions and abilities. Armatures also have object mode, edit mode and pose mode. I'm not an animator who uses armatures, so can't help much beyond that.

There are fewer and simpler modifiers, though most can be done with what is there.
'auto-smooth' doesn't display in the viewport, only at render. use in combination with 'edge-split' modifier to get it showing in viewport.

Subdivision Surfaces (aka TurboSmooth) modifier is pretty good, and the counterpart of Multi-resolution for sculpting is good too. (old blender abbreviated this as "subsurf", often confused with SSS).

Workflow-wise, it's still a vertex/mesh based system, and once you get used to right-click select, it really quite efficient. It's nice to be able to move things which are out of view using the keyboard, without needing the gizmo in view.

Let me know if you need anything else answered.

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12 December 2010, 04:46 AM
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