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12 December 2010, 07:59 PM
Iím working on a custom rotation manipulator, derived from MPxManipContainer (based on the rotateManip example).

Unfortunately, there appears to be a fatal flaw: when I first create the ManipContainer, the rotateManip is not active (no lines highlighted in yellow; as compared to, say, the default rotate manip, which initializes with the view rotate handle active).

Because of this (at least, Iím pretty sure itís because of that) my manipulator fails to register clicks on the trackball; if i attempt to drag the trackball, the mouse falls right through and instead performs a select action on the underlying scene node. *

The lines (circle sweeps, or whatever) do register clicks, so I can use the trackball by first clicking on a line (to activate the manipulator) and _then_ dragging on the trackballÖ but thatís just a temporary workaround, and flatly unacceptable for a finished product.
Is there some way to activate a manipulator manually?

* I believe this behavior was designed so that maya could show multiple rotation manipulators at the same time, and not have the bulk of the trackball tracking surface interfere with picking other manips which might be behind it. But in any case, I want the standard rotation manip behavior; not this behavior. I only need one manip, and i want it to be fully responsive to mouse activity as soon as it is created.

I see that MPxManipContainer features an isManipActive() function. So, I feel like Iím close to the information i needÖ but I canít find any way to make actual changes to it.

Or is this whole fiasco a side-effect of deriving from ManipContainer? Do I need to be deriving directly from the rotate manipulator instead? (is that even possible?)

Iím currently working in Maya 2008.

Apologies if this is a common question... tried searching, but haven't been able to filter down to the answer I need. Thanks in advance for any constructive ideas.

(edited for clarity, as i think i understand the situation a little better now)

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