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12 December 2010, 07:12 PM
Hey guys, I just updated my website and was wondering if I could get some feedback and your opinions. I really want feedback on my art as well, whats working for you what isn't working etc. Thanks

12 December 2010, 07:24 AM
Hey Bradley,
Take what i'm about to say with a grain of salt

-The hallway with the bomb isn't bad. I think to me what's hurting it is a few things
-I can feel the tiling on the floor. There isn't enough diff. detail to break up that feeling specially since it's all squares.
-All of your colors are pushing to greenish, that's hurting the piece. It may be your lighting that's pushing that even further.
-The graffiti is for the most part the same intensity. Or looks like it just got sprayed on.
-I would suggest changing the color on some of the graffiti, not all of it black. and aging some of it. like it's a few years old, and some of the other ones are newer, some of it is fading etc...

-The suit case.
It's not bad. But it does feel really new, yet the spec is really dull on most of it. there isn't enough of a diff. between this is plastic, this is metal. etc...
Also, the detail on the foamy material seems pretty blurry compare to everything else. It really hurts it and is even more obvious since it's against that red numbers that pull your eye.

-The gun needs texturing I wouldn't call it done.

-The Gladiator vehilce

The model is cool. The texturing lacks detail. There's nothing really going on with the texture. I would add a bit of wear not over the top tastefully.
-You have some nice shapes in the model.
-Some areas may have too many polys
-i like the way you did your tires you were keeping poly count in mind.
-the bar at the front may be to dense. same for the back

-Your final truck is a pretty good piece. I would personally, would ask to pull back about 40% to 55% on the damage and really think about were you would put the damage that's there. Currently it has so much that you loose your detail and the impact that you were going for. Sometimes less is more.

Over all. Your work just needs more practice. Some of your stuff is falling a bit flat, but pieces like the truck are nice, your modeling is solid although a bit dense, just some guidance and you'll be fine.
If I recall correctly, the last project i worked on, i did a humvee with about 9k triangles, and maybe another 1500 for details. I can't recall difinitely not as dense as some of your stuff. Good luck.

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12 December 2010, 07:24 AM
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