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10 October 2003, 06:44 AM
so i just finished college and got my degree in 3d.... i spent a lot of time making hurried models because i wasn't the best animator and it took me a lot of time to animate and rig, but i wanna be a modeler, so im gonna take some time to work on my portfolio (thanks mom and dad for the financial help on that one :) ) anywho, im getting a new machine, and im gold on all the parts but the processor, seems there is a lot of new stuff on the horizon and while im pretty good at using computers i wouldn't say im a master of understanding them........ so:

i have an endless budget (not really but for the sake of these questions money is no issue ill settle that one later) i've looked around and don't know what im exactly looking at. are opterons worthwhile with the new AMD 64s? is wasting time with a 64 bit processor worth the time considering i have no info about a windows 64 bit OS or maya (my tool of choice.... and the only one i bought) being ported to 64 bits. is it possible that the first generation of these chips will never reach their peak? What about a dual xeon vs the amd 64? basically what is the fastest chip i can buy for my new system without being either cheap or going waaaaay beyond my needs. Also the issue here is a last gift from my parents before im totally on my own so long term is key here. I know there is a lot of knowledge lurking about here ( a dangerous amount :) ) so any help would be appreciated..... sorry for the long post we have been celebrating my diploma i think i had a bit too much wine......
Mr. Octamopus

10 October 2003, 09:36 AM
well.....IF I had the money I would go with two opteron, 1 or 2 raptors (maybe raid0) and a quadro FX. 1 or 2 GB Ram and a decent power supply (460W+)

to the 64 bit issue: the opterons/a64/a64 fx are also fast at you won't lose power compared to an intel system.

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