View Full Version : geometry constrain is useless and innacurate.. is this possible with mel?

11 November 2010, 03:47 PM
hi all
doing a little vehicle animation and my hierarchy is as follows

(my objects all sit under the normal ctrl)

the mopath_ctrl is a simple path animation.

the offset_ctrl is a simple node I use to be able to drift the vehicle off the path.

I use the normal_ctrl to constrain the objects to the normal of a nurbsurface. This seems quite robust & accurate. However when I also use the geometry constraint to pin it to the surface its horribly innacurate especially if I scrub the timeline then return to frame zero.

I need to have a heap of objects follow this node later for compositing and cant do that if the main object isn't returning to the start position correctly?

Is there any way to put an expression on normal_ctrl using pointOnSurface or something so that the Y value of normal_ctrl sits on the Y value of that point on the nurbsurface? I would guess its pointOnSurface but how to control it so it works in an expression is pickling my head? I also reckon I would need the expression to calculate where the normal_ctrl is in x/z then 'raycast' that to the nurbsurface in order to figure out that point for the Y value?!

I think I just hurt my head :(

any suggestions welcome!
thanks massively

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11 November 2010, 03:47 PM
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