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05 May 2002, 06:26 AM
Hi I am new to mental ray for maya so I dont know how to work around the bugs yet.

I have this room for a scene with a carpet texture a simple phong with bump and 2d texture file repeated about 8 times. it doesnt matter what type of shader I use (ie phong lambert etc.) when I mental ray render the carpet texture is 50% grey in areas.

How can I fix it.....can I ? I read somthing about file texture filtering but dont understand what it is I have to do.

Please help!!!!!

05 May 2002, 11:37 PM
can you put an example of your problem : an image or the scene file ....
i think i can fix it

05 May 2002, 11:40 PM
but here

05 May 2002, 11:42 PM
Excuse the brightness it was a test render...still figuringh out the energy factor system

05 May 2002, 11:45 PM
did you use an area light or a light that have limited diffuse ?

I think there is too much light in the right .
Did you try to put the right light in the middle of room ?

05 May 2002, 11:49 PM
It is a spot just one outside the room but it doesnt matter what kind of light wether I have photons or not it is messed up.....I know there is way to much light!!!!is an older render the new ones look nice but I havent saved any so I sent this one the only one I have doesnt matter wether GI caustics or FInal gather is turned on cant get it to render properly with MR only maya gayrenderer

06 June 2002, 12:05 AM
i don't know how to fix your problem :surprised .
It should be the renderer but i don't know where....

06 June 2002, 12:14 AM
A comparison of the 2 renders

06 June 2002, 12:34 AM
I don't think it's the shader because in maya render , the shader looks good .
The problem is from mental ray , it's clear !

did you active shadow ?
it could be shadow of the wall... no ?

06 June 2002, 12:44 AM
shadow of the wall of the windowz .
i go to sleep. here it's 1:46 am

06 June 2002, 08:09 AM
I've been playing around with MR for awhile, but I really can't do much with this little informaton :hmm:
You could send the scene to me, and I could take a look at it and see if I can solve the problem. I won't be doing any harm to the scene, don't worry ;)
Here's my email if you decide to send it:

06 June 2002, 09:21 PM
Thanx but I managed to solve that kinda.....I had to rebuild the geometry but I can seem to get it to work 100% thanxs for all yer help guys but I think I got it under control now....but I could use some help getting dual cpu's to work in Mray render instead of one. it doestn default from maya.

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