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11 November 2010, 04:41 PM
Hi to all!

I installed 3dsMax2011+Vue 8.5 xStream.
I made a scene with strata terrain with a car that moving along this terrain.
The problem is that:

-I made a first version of this animation as .tif images, with default settings in Vue xStream-Plugin.
The settings for AA in 3dsMax 2011-MentalRay, are Min: 1/64, Max: 4.
Precisely I set Automatic in VuePlugin>Options>RenderQuality: Automatic (based on native renderer sampling quality).

-Now I made a second version with Options>UserSettings>AntialiasingOptions:Texturefiltering=33%.
This due to the flickering of bushes, that appear in the first version of the movie.

Now, the flickering over bushes it is corrected; bushes appear smoothed.

-But the problem is that at certaint intervals the branches of "WinterTree" specie, appears and disappears, with TextureFiltering=33% enabled!
In the first version of the rendered movie WinterTrees were perfect.

I also had to correct the settings manually for "Object Antialiasing" in Vue Standalone, because in 3dsMax after rendering, it appears the following message with "UserSettings" switched On, in "RenderOptions":

"Your MentalRay render settings are too low compared to your Vue render settings. Results will be of low quality and will not match the kind of results you would expect from your Vue settings, due to the poor sampling level. You should either increase the sampling level in MentalRay, or check the "Adjust native renderer settings to match Vue scene" option.
Do you want to start rendering anyway? Yes/No?"

This message appears anytime 3dsMax render each frame...
I want check this button:
"X.Don't show this message again."
But it is uncheckable, not available, blocked.
-So I corrected the "ObjectAA" settings manually (Min:1,Max:2,Quality:40%) in Vue Standalone, to match the native 3dsMaxAA as around Min: 1/4 (retouched to 1/64) and Max: 4.
The problem is solved in part: the message doesn’t appear anymore.

-But my settings on “ObjectAA” in Vue Standalone are correct?
-I am also curious to know: with “Automatic” RenderQuality setting in Vue-Plugin, the corresponding value of “ObjectAA” of Vue Standalone what is (to match native renderer sampling quality)?
-Is it Min:1,Max:2 as I set manually?

Many thanks!

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11 November 2010, 04:41 PM
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