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11 November 2010, 01:32 PM
As usual when I finalized my recent work Solara, I sent it to the CG Society Forum 3D Showcase Gallery. And received a declined message mentioning about some standards. I was about to delete their e-mail and forget the whole thing but I believe my labor of love have much more valuable than their judgement.

''Your submission has been declined for the following reason(s):* We're very sorry to let you know that this work does not yet meet our standards as a completed piece for the Showcase Gallery. We'd like to encourage you to post your work in the WIP forum to develop it further before submitting it again.''

This is my work they declined -

Not fitting your ''standards'' of your 3D ''showcase'' gallery. How about the very simple renders I saw there already? That is hypocrisy or prejudice - or maybe both. They are suggesting me to send my final work to their WIP forum and continue develop it.

And here some samples accepted to the same gallery. They accepted these and these ones needed to be developed also - a lot. But they are on showcase gallery... Still can't believe that these are accepted and my work declined. Let's take a look to CG Society's high standards;

Meeting their ''standards'' - completed showcase gallery artworks:

A bathroom (again) made with basic shapes, simple materials, pointless composition and bad lighting;

That's my favorite - definitely fits CG Society's ''high standards'' ;

Another simple figure work, looks like done after following some tutorials. This one is also accepted their Artist Showcase Gallery;

A realistic plane WITHOUT any atmosphere - lack of any artistic point of view;

Extruded cubes rendered realistically with Mental Ray - I think those ''standards'' require using certain software :)

A very ''creative'' character, actually recreation of some other artist's design with GI render you can see anywhere;

Angelina Jolie (again) with a made-in-Poser looking render;

Actually thanks for letting me understand CG Society's ''high standards'' and I understand why some 3D enthusiasts NOT posting to this forum :)

I know I'll be crucified to saying all these. But no matter how fast those daggers come ;) ... I have respect to my self and putting A LOT effort to my work and not deserving that kind of false step.

Wishing you all the best...

11 November 2010, 06:35 PM
I don't know why 'they' could have declined your work, but i think you are begin rude with those artist you used as example.

I have respect to my self and putting A LOT effort to my work and not deserving that kind of false step.

Just as you respect your self you should respect your fellow artist's alike.

11 November 2010, 07:55 PM
I have had a piece declined once, and after taking a step back, I'm glad they did! I have a small handful of pieces that made it here with positive feedback, but sometimes not all my work is good and up to snuff. I rushed the piece in excitement and overlooked too much for it to be "finished". This isn't a race nor a contest.
And some of the pieces you pointed out are actually quite good from either a technical aspect or purely artistic.
Why they declined yours, I am not sure. It is not my place to say.
But I CAN say you were very rude to pull others out only to help your cause.

My suggestions (humbly of course) are these..

1. Don't use others' work as poor example, especially when they made the cut.
2. Take your work and revisit it. Maybe the textures were repeating or maybe there was something that wasn't allowed.
3. If it is still declined, accept that fact gracefully. And then print it out and put it on mom's fridge if that's what it takes to make you feel better (j/k).

This is a competitive arena and not everyone will be accepted, and for good reason.

Good luck in future endeavors.

11 November 2010, 10:27 PM
hey man, i feel your pain, but he entire post just sounds like you are bitter.

most of the examples you have given are actually pretty good works (except for the one with the hot balloon).

and for your piece, it does look good, but the ship itself, which is what i assume you want to showcase, has obvious seems in the textures, which lacks depth and is rather boring to look at.

however if you were to remove the ship and the character (maybe leave the character if you want), the environment looks rather well done.

and i don't understand why you have to bash other people's work, i am sure declining your work was nothing personal, (i myself have had my work rejected).

just my 2 cents. good luck!

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11 November 2010, 10:27 PM
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