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05 May 2002, 03:02 PM
Hi guys,

i really need some help with texturing this head, im not too good at unwrapping yet, so any help with what method to use, or any techniques would be greatly appreciated.


05 May 2002, 03:27 PM
Ok, well where to start??

Firstly I would recommend that you do the front of the face, the top of the head, the ears, the inside of the mouth, and the back of the head all seperately.
If I had to texture it, I would start off by selecting all the polys that make up the front of the face, and back until where the polys join with the ears.

Then I would do a planar unwrap of it (on the z axis), and edit the UV map so that the polys which are on the sides of the head lie flat out alongside the front ones. And also pull the polys out that are behind the nostrils so that they too lie flat along with the rest of it.

Then export it and paint your maps - I always find the colour map is the best one to start with so that you can go back and check all the time how the placement is.

Then select the polys that make up the other sections and planar unwrap them too - the reason I'm suggestion planar, is because the head is a little too irregular for cylindrical/spherical mapping.
Use an X-axis unwrap for the ears, Z for the back of the head, cylindrical Z for the inside of the mouth, and Y for the top of the head. I know this is pretty obvious, but I'm just going step by step.

It actually shouldn't be too hard to do this one ;)

But take it one step at a time.
Do the front of the face, and then post your results here...

05 May 2002, 04:49 PM

Thanks leigh! from the stuff ive seen of yours, awesome work! :) i especially like the hand from your challenge, i wish i'll understand the bastard things known as UVW mapping one day too :) As to do with this, this is my first real attempt at actually unwrapping something so please bare with me, as im still very much a newb in this department :) what im confused about is the actually unwrapping method, how do you sort it out? im getting crazy stretching going on (notice the pic) and im certain im not supposed to :) hmmm and also is there a way to get rid of the seams if it's all broken up into separate pieces?

thanks much! :)
oh also im using max 4.2 if that helps!

05 May 2002, 10:03 AM
Hey Jeffo
Thanks for the compliment about my hand :)
Ok, I see where you are now. Now once you have done the actual unwrap and have that template to work from, then you always need to edit it.
The thing is, that checked material isn't really going to give you a good indication of what is going to happen, because once you get to the stage of painting in Photoshop, then you just paint in such a way as to compensate for the stretching.
But as far as editing the points goes, this is the best way to go about it:

- Do your unwrap. The method of unwrapping that you use really depends on the shape you are wanting to texture. I generally prefer to stick to planar unwrapping, but it really is personal preference - lots of people like to use cylindrical or spherical unwrapping for heads too.

- Unweld all the points on the surface that has been unwrapped - this allows for the easiest and most hassle free way of editing - just remember to reweld them afterwards.

- Once you have your points unwelded, move the polys in the UV around until you are left with a perfectly flattened out (no overlapping polys) UV map. This does take some time to do, so be patient. ;) Just move the polys around one by one, move the points around... until your map is perfectly paintable. If you look at your UV template there, you'll see that it has far too many overlapping polys to work properly, so hopefully you'll understand what I mean.

- With UVs, there will almost always be some kind of stretching occurring. You can obviously edit your UV map to try and elimate the majority of it, but the chances are that when you get to painting, you will have to allow for some squashing and stretching. This can only really be worked around through trial and error.
Remember that with UVs, the texture images are always pinned to the mesh at the corners of polys, so sometimes when you smooth/subdivide your mesh, a bit of distortion happens.

- To cover up seams, you can use a couple of different methods. For me, the simplest method is to decide on a base colour that the entire object has, and ensure that all the seams only have that on them, and no other detail or variation.
The other method involves making gradient images with alpha channels and placing them along all the seams to blend the different section's images together.

05 May 2002, 12:12 PM
hehe you're awesome leigh! thanks so much, it still will be a grueling battle for me with unwrapping this guy! but mucho appreciation :) it shouldnt look too bad cuz im not gonna be putting too much detail into the color map, i want a dark blackish green alien sorta texture to him, so we'll see how it turns out!

anywho, thanks so much! :P

btw, before i get any further, any suggestions on the model of the head?

05 May 2002, 12:21 PM
Hmmm modelling suggestions....

Well I guess firstly, no face (even if it is alien) should be prefectly symmetrical - try and make the two halves a little different in some way. Make the nose slightly skew, make the eys are very slightly different levels - things like that.

Also, you might want to get rid of these grooves on the side - they look a bit strange:

06 June 2002, 02:10 AM
hi leigh,

just wanted to thank you again for all your help, im finally getting the hang of this unwrapping bit :) much appreciated, we need more people like you, this site's awesome!

thanks again,

06 June 2002, 08:11 AM
Hey Jeffo :) I'm glad you're getting the hang of it! Always a pleasure to help ;)

06 June 2002, 01:56 AM
you are a good teacher

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