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10-29-2010, 01:57 PM
How are you guys doing in term of the dateline?

Who feels he needs more time?


10-29-2010, 02:05 PM
Been doing good. I'm making it to the deadline. Had to work some late hours, but I'm now finishing the last two scenes. No need to extend it here.

10-29-2010, 02:37 PM
we are a while off yet, but this is due to other work commitments - it would be unfair to extend the deadline for us, I would say we will complete, in fact i am rendering atm, however we will be a couple of weeks at least late!

We will probably develop the sim into a quick short and release around late November, early December 2010.

Sorry Rob mate.

10-29-2010, 03:23 PM
It will be close but we should find time to finish it.

10-29-2010, 05:05 PM
Hi Rob,

Ran into some personal stuff to take care of.. My sim-workup is ready, and had started on the terrain. If somebody can provide me a Dam model that I can use, I would be able to do justice to the quality expected... Can't work on this till Nov7..

An extension would be greatly appreciated, but wouldn't want an unfair advantage either, as I've seen the THREE other EXCELLENT Starts - HopkinsYelena&Co, Ferdi&Co & Pierechod&Co .. So, leaving it to the Mod.. And fellow contestants, Don't worry - the extra time will only help me to finish & make a submission, for, you guys are miles ahead, in team strength & modeling capabilities..


10-29-2010, 06:25 PM
Ok guys I will make a call tonight.

11-04-2010, 11:19 PM
Well if there are no more posted entries, Fred will win by default.

So guys you got until this weekend to post your entry.


11-09-2010, 07:27 PM
So what's happening? The weekend passed.

11-09-2010, 09:35 PM
You won...
Great job!


11-10-2010, 10:41 AM
I would say so!

congrats mate, good result, we are still rendering but it will be a while longer, will post further updates as they become available.

11-11-2010, 08:45 AM

just checked back here to see how the entries for this challenge were coming it true? Only one entry?

Is this even allowed? Please donīt get me wrong, the entry is very nice and I like it. Good visual quality but doesnīt a challenge require a minimum amount of 2 participants?

At least if it was me I wouldnīt want a price for beating myself. :)

Well, pity noone else made it this time.

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11-11-2010, 08:45 AM
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