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10 October 2010, 06:31 PM
Hi everyone ^^

I'm working on this new painting, without reference, and that's hard. So I need your critics to learn more about digital painting and progress in my own style.

This one is about the manga "Vampire Knight", I want to make a realistic original art about these 3 principal characters: Yuuki, Kuran Kaname and Kyryu Zero.

Usually, I started by the background, but I'm a bit lost for the while...

PS: I use digital art since 2008, so, I don't have so much experience ^^

10 October 2010, 08:57 PM
Good start Patricia! I love Vampire Knight, although, I have to admit, I like the ending theme most of all for some reason.

The first thing I noticed is the eyes. Of all 3 characters the eyes are a bit off, like a chameleon. They all have the exact same problem. One eye is looking in one direction, the other in a slightly different one. Yuuki's eye also has a problem with the highlights on the lens. They're not consistent.

How realistic do you want it to be btw ? So far it looks rather stylistic (and without using reference, it probably will remain stylistic), although I rather like the elegant flowing hair strands. They go well with the elegance of the vampires. But perhaps they're just a tad too much. Also, remember when painting hair you don't have to paint each single strand. You could start by painting strokes of hair using the 'multi dot' brush technique. Basically it's a brush with 3 round, hard edged dots loosely aligned like a triangle.

The eyebrow hairs also don't really grow like that.

Keep up the effort!

10 October 2010, 01:44 AM
I like the stylized sheen on the hair. How did you do that? Some of the stray red hairs look a little out of place though.

10 October 2010, 11:12 PM
Thank you for your critics :D

I changed the eyes.

I love Vampire Knight too! : )

And thank you for the "multi dot" brush^^

I don't wanna do something hyper realistic, because basically, that's a manga.

I think I have an influence from Chinese artists like Heise or Feimo. They keep a sort of manga style but they draw in realistic way.

Basically, out of this drawing, I want to make creations, illustrations really realistic and natural, like my drawings in traditional art. I love Cris Ortega and Diane Ozdamar works, that's this kind of realistic creation I'd like to be able to do.But I don't have enough experience for that, I need to practice a lot to achieve this goal. And I never went in an artschool, so I really don't know if I can progress in this way alone with tutorials, critics etc..., or to go in an artschool...

For the sheen in the hair, I start by a quick black surface with some colours and the white light effects in a low opacity. I draw hairs of different colours, add some single white strands over the light effect, and I have fun with levels to obtain a beautiful contrast with the face and the atmosphere of the creation. : )

Here's my work in progress:

10 October 2010, 09:09 AM
Ah Yuuki's eyes look better now. But the highlight is on the wrong place on the lens. Judging from how the rest is lit, the main lightsource seems to be coming from the top left side, behind the viewer.

She looks like a young adult, somewhere in her 20s, whereas she looked much younger to me in the series. Maybe less defined cheekbones, slightly bigger eyes, less straight jaw and such could help. I primarily remember her with a worried, sad, or determined look on her face. Right now she seems to be dazing off into the distance or something like that. Perhaps you can give her a stronger expression.

As for the layout, you may want to change that. Right now it feels a bit awkward. You can use layout to add to the story. For instance, the struggle Yuuki had choosing between Kaname and Zero. You could place Yuuki in the bottom-middle and have either of the guys in top corners. Then perhaps have her face in the direction of one, but her eyes turned towards the other, symbolizing her interest and affection for both or something in that direction. Right now you just have 3 figures posing, without any relation between them.

I'd stop using a soft edged airbrush for laying down colours and shapes btw. It's much easier to soften up something later than to give it more definition later. Overall, you may want to work on the other elements first before you put any detail on whatever element you start with. You now have a very detailed main figure, but if it turns out you can't get the balance right later on and you need to drastically change the figure you just spent hours on, you'd have wasted that time (well, not truely since you learn and gain experience with every stroke as long as you paid attention to it. But for the current project ...)

I only went 2 years to an art academy, instead of the full 4 years of the program. Some institutes are better than others. And sometimes it doesn't work, no matter how good the institute is. A lot depends on the student. Personally, I learned a lot by reading tutorials, books, watch videos etc, but got stuck at some point. I only managed to break through it recently by following Robert Chang's (lunatique) workshop "Becoming a Better Artist". You get to deal with all foundations of art, how you can use digital tools to speed things up, get loads of theory and then assignments to put them into practice. Then you get feedback from him and other students and you can see yourself and the other students grow during those 8 weeks. I think a workshop like that could really be helpful to you too.

11 November 2010, 04:17 PM
About Yuuki, I know she's younger than my drawing's character, it's because I studied only one time child face. So, I haven't experience for it. I have problems for facial expressions too, I never really studied poses in digital art, so, finally, my faces are always "hard". I don't like it. I think they are dead and they have not feelings. XD

And yes, you're right, just like this, faces have not relation between them... I think, unfortunately, restart all the drawing, but without delete this actual face. I think just keep it, fix mistakes and create another fiction's character from it with a background like a poster...

I really wasted my time painting in this way XD I'll start by the background. I'm really suck -_-'

11 November 2010, 07:31 PM
No no, not at all! All artists go through the same phases. From simple stick figures to the maximum of their abilities. Don't worry you'll get there! And you used a digital medium, so you can keep changing, adding etc. :thumbsup:

You can still move things around, add the others etc. Just realize you may have to paint over a lot of the details you added to Yuuki atm to balance things out. Just the sketches you made are fine. Try to get a nice composition. You could look at similar works and see if they have compositions that work for you. Then, if you feel like learning, read up on composition and see why it works for you.

When painting something you're not 100% sure of, be sure to use references. Try to find pictures of people that look the way you want them to look, others in the pose you want and yet again others in colors / light you like and try to deconstruct them. For instance, you find a picture of a girl that has a Yuuki-ish look to her (or several different girls. Like one for the head, one for the hair, one for the lips, another for the expression) and then look at what it is that makes her look like that. Proportions, shapes etc. The newer this is to you, the handier it will be if you find more in less pictures.

Studying is key here. Nobody can do everything at any time without some serious investment in time for theory and practice. After all, it's art, not just some random skill! :arteest:

11 November 2010, 12:57 PM
Thank you very much for you help RicoD :D

Don't worry, I didn't touch anything on my work. I just started a new painting at the same time for taking a little break with this painting^^

I'm here for studying, of course, so, I'm happy you're the first person to help me on this website ^^

11 November 2010, 06:04 PM
It's looking pretty good I think. The roses look like they are shaping up, I assume your adding detail to them.

A few critiques though. Not at all what I expected when I clicked on vampire knight. Not that it matters and thats more personal opinion than anything else, but this just looks like a human with some weird colored hair and slightly odd eyes. Not scary or intimidating at all. And I know roses are usually associated with vampires and blood, but the way this is represented removes any "vampire-ish-ness" from the image whatsoever.. I think you should rethink the image. Put the figure in an interesting enviornment (maybe an old castle or old town like Paris). Make her holding a single rose or doing something interesting. Give us a bit more of a clue that she isn't exactly what she seems. Of course thats whats great about art, subject to interpretation and all that.

I do think the technique is pretty good overall. I think more detail and maybe making the roses less uniform would be good. Also they are shaped alittle odd to me the way they are now.

nice job!

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