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10 October 2010, 07:18 AM
Due to a number of reasons I've been out of the loop in terms of CG. I'm looking to build a new portfolio and get back into the industry. At this moment, my concern is sculpting software.

When I left, it seemed to me ZBrush was quickly taking off while Mudbox was poised to sweep in, and this was before Mudbox even had texturing capabilities. ZBrush had the funky interface and "odd" work flow and people seemed hungry for a package that offered a more familiar feeling to Max or Maya.

Flash forward to today, and as best I can gather, ZBrush still seems to be the popular choice with both artists and studios. Would most people say that is so? My next question would be, 'what does one package have over the other?'.

I dabbled with both back then, and I'm currently using the free trials to evaluate and learn each as best I can now (I could only find a trial for ZBrush 3, so obviously I can't see the new features like ZSketching).

I've got an eye to purchase either one for both sculpting and 3d texturing so I just want to know the score. Currently, I'm kind of leaning towards ZBrush because it still seems a little awkward to me; I figure if I had to learn Mudbox on the job it would be easier to pick up.

Oh, and besides Autodesk now owning Softimage and Maya, why else have I missed?

10 October 2010, 08:36 AM
Regarding sculpting take a look at sculptirs. It is a new little sculpting software with a simple interface and of course it is available for free. It was recently acquired by z brush.

10 October 2010, 05:57 AM
Thanks for the reply!

I came upon Sculptris the other night. It seems pretty neat for a free app but I haven't had time yet to sit down and really get into it.

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10 October 2010, 05:57 AM
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