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10 October 2003, 12:27 AM

Just downloaded blender and am going through the quickstart and manual. Other than the change in axes from what I'm used to doesn't seem as difficult as I thought but we'll see. One problem I'm having on mac is that I can't escape from the screen render with "esc" or F11. F11 causes the screen render window to go to the top centre of the screen while "esc" causes it to go behind the viewer window. If I then try to get rid of the render window by closing it Blender locks and I have to quit and restart. Anybody know what I can do, if there's an option for getting rid of this render window I haven't realized as a new user?
Thanks in advance.


10 October 2003, 03:24 AM
First, try to get a copy of 2.28c as it has many bug fixes. The problem with the render window is kind of random.. most people work fine with it, some few people have trouble with it.

To disable the render window, look on the lower left corner of your Display Buttons (you should now where the display buttons are by now, otherwise you couldn't render anything :) ). On that corner you'll find a toggle swicth with two options: "DispView" and "DispWin".

"DispWin" means open a new render window to render.. the default option.

"DispView" means render in the active 3D view, without opening any new window. :p

Also, Blender can render in the background (without starting any GUI and thus using less CPU power) if you run it from the command line and add the -b and -f options. -b means render in the background and -f is the frame you whant to render.

So, assuming you have a file named "example.blend" and you wanted to render frame 130 from this file the command would be:

blender -b example.blend -f 130

For more command line options go to

10 October 2003, 02:03 PM

Thanks for the quick response. I'm using the dispview option you pointed out. Works fine, although the image disappears the instant the render is complete--don't know if that's what's supposed to happen but for now it's not a problem and allows me to get on with my cram course in Blender. The idea of using command lines scares me at this point so I'll stick to basics for awhile. As far as 2.28c I can't get it downloaded at this point. When I click on the darwin line (I'm mac but fairly new to it) at the download site mentioned on this forum I get a load of jibberish, and no download.

Thnks again


10 October 2003, 05:38 PM
It isn't supposed to dissapear (I'm starting to suspect that you are using non-updated OpenGL drivers on your machine)... anyways, F11 will bring it back on screen.

If you were using "DispView" then the image is placed on the 3D window and if you were using "DispWin" the render-window is reopened with the last render.

Also, once the render is completed, pressing F3 will allow you to save the image to a file. Just make sure that you set the file format options in the Display-Buttons before saving :)

Depending on your particular setup, file extensions may be added automatically or need to be written by hand. Microsoft Windows needs file extensions, but unix-like operative systems don't.

10 October 2003, 05:06 PM

The render window problem under OSX is listed as a fixed bug on the new 2.30 release... worth taking a look. :beer:

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