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10-23-2010, 02:07 PM

I recently started modelling a car in C4D for the first time (I wasn't sure if this goes into the modeling or C4D board?)
I'm not a beginner but I've only really done box-modelling so far so this is new for me. I'm actually making some good progress but I keep running into little problems and I hope some of you could give me some tips on how to avoid them.

I'm using point-to-point modelling and Hypernurbs since from what I've heard that's how cars are usually done, at least in C4D. If there's a better or easier technique I'd love to hear about it though ;)
I know it's also possible with box modelling, but I want to learn something new and the final model should be fairly realistic and accurate.

Now, after having spent 3 days alone on the hood and having started over a couple of times, I think I'm starting to grasp the basic concept of how this technique, and especially the hypernurbs work. My main problem is that I keep getting weird dents, wrinkles and edges producing ugly shadows in my smoothed model.
I know this happens when you use too many cuts and that's exactly my problem, I'm having a hard time keeping my mesh clean and not using too many polys but still getting the precise shape down. Doing the rough shape is not a problem, but when I try to get sharp edges for example, I end up doing a lot of loop cuts (to avoid triangles) to further define the edges and that's when everything gets messy.

I've made this to show what I mean exactly: The wing looks pretty good so far, but those 2 circled edges need to be way sharper. But to do that I need to add more vertical lines (so I don't produce triangles) and when I do that I get these horrible looking shadows. (

I guess I've used way too many polys already, but I don't know how to model these complex shapes with less of them, especially while avoiding triangles. So I guess what I need is tips on how to build a clean mesh and keep it simple. Or maybe there's something else I'm doing horribly wrong?
Thanks in advance for any help you can offer me!

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10-23-2010, 02:07 PM
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