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View Full Version : Creating/Manipulating custom fluid nCache?

10-19-2010, 10:34 PM
Hello all, is it possible to create a custom fluid nCache by stitching together a bunch of individual frames?

For example, with MEL:
-create a new nCache of just frame 1.
-sim one frame at 0.2 sim rate scale, save this as frame 2 of the nCache.
-return to frame one, sim one frame at 0.4 sim rate scale, save this as frame 3 of the nCache.
-return to frame one, sim one frame at 0.6 sim rate scale, save this as frame 4 of the nCache.
- " 0.8 sim rate scale " frame 5 "
- " 1.0 sim rate scale " frame 6 "
-set this frame as initial state
-sim one frame at 0.2 sim rate scale, save this as frame 7 of the nCache
-etc etc.

I'm playing around with nCache now, and it's pretty clumsy to work with this way - it doesn't want to append a particular frame number as a different frame in the nCache - is there a way around this?

And yes, I realize i can interpolate the nCache, i'm just interested if this kind of technique is possible, maybe even by renaming the .mc files? I'm also pretty new to MEL still so feel free to answer at a level suitable for a newbie :)

Thanks everyone.


So it looks like I am able to create a series of 1-frame nCaches and sequence them by changing their startFrame attributes, but I haven't been able to cleanly combine them, because i get an error saying "cannot replace/append because cache has been stretched/compressed". I also tried "edit -> merge cache clips" in the Trax editor, but that didn't work either. Furthermore, I can't get Replace Frame to work - error: "Invalid flag: -replaceWithSimulation".

Will having let's say 300 separate 1-frame caches cause errors or crashes? There is a note in the Replace Fluid nCache Frame option box saying it is best to merge multiple caches into one, but i've been getting errors (see above) each way I try to do it.

Thanks again

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10-19-2010, 10:34 PM
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