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10 October 2010, 10:05 PM
Hey all,

I'm writing a file translator for Maya and everything is going ok except when it comes to the options string. The problem is that when it gets to the plugin there seems to have been a random semicolon added to it. For instance, the desired options string is:

"-numPoints 10"

but the string that's arriving at my plugin is (note the semicolon appearing before -numPoints):

";-numPoints 10"

I have no idea where this semicolon is coming from and it's throwing off the separation of the options.

The part of the options script that generates the options string is:

if( $action == "query" )
// Get value of text field:
string $numPoints = `textFieldGrp -q -text numPointsTextGroup`;

// Create options string:
string $optionsString = "-numPoints " + $numPoints;

// Evaluate options string:
eval( $callback + "\"" + $optionsString + "\"" );

Also in Maya's output window, after the export, it shows the line:

file -op "-numPoints 10" -typ "MD Track Segment Exporter" -pr -es "C:/Users/Gavin/Documents/maya/projects/default/exportFilename";

The -op part shows that the options string looks fine and is what it should be. I just dont know why the string is different in the C++ part of the plugin.

Has anyone encountered this or does anyone have any ideas what's going on here? Any help will be appreciated.


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10 October 2010, 10:05 PM
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