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10 October 2010, 07:24 AM
Hello, i'm new here. I have a question, maybe someone can help me with that.
I have a .OBJ file with faces defined in this way (4vertices):

f 1400/1704/10324 1417/1705/10352 1451/1749/10400 1447/1744/10394
f 1387/1665/10301 1363/1638/10247 1452/1750/10402 1449/1747/10396

I need this OBJ file only with three vertices:

f 1400/1704/10324 1417/1705/10352 1451/1749/10400

You know if with blender, maya, 3dmax or something i can transform the obj fie in this way?
If there is no application, you can tell me the pattern or something to modify it?
Thanks you!!!

Mr. D
10 October 2010, 11:23 PM

If you can get the obj file loaded in max or maya(most likely Blender also) you should be able to save\export it back out as another .obj file, just be sure to specify triangles not quads on save\export.

wondering what program created this file. mostly in a .obj file you see something like a list of lines like
v 2309 3423 5456 6789 3445 -2334 2365 2333 -1111 4356 2134 4567

and below that those lines one like this
f 8 2 5 4

v means vertex positions
f means a face made up in this case from these 4 vertices (usually building in a couter clockwise direction, causing the normal to face towards you).

good luck

Mr. D

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10 October 2010, 11:23 PM
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