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10 October 2010, 07:55 PM
I'm almost certain this will have been discussed to the n'th degree here, but I've searched and searched and my head is now overflowing with information (that sidetracked me heavily from my original search!).

So please allow me to get to the point. What books or media can I find that will teach me the fundamentals of painting? Also, can I learn to paint without ever using a paintbrush, ie. using only digital software? How can I go from studying Andrew Loomis, to painting like (insert famous painter/digital illustrator here).

Thanks in advance!

10 October 2010, 04:27 AM
Painting is all about values, colors, edges, and surface treatment. You can learn about it from any number of books on painting, and I have listed some books and video recommendations in one of the sticky thread. Have you looked at the sticky threads? And yes, plenty of today's artists learned to paint completely in digital. None of the foundational elements change between traditional and digital--it's the same set of theories.

11 November 2010, 02:39 PM
I first saw your stuff in polycount. Your drawings are amazing.

You should start think more about the whole picture tho. Drawing some enviroments and interiors would force you to practise composition and perspective. I think there was something about this in one of the Loomis books.

When you start using colour, it's important that you dont forget the values. Most first year student does this when they move from value studies to color, everything suddently become flat again because they just focus on the relationship of colors but forget about the values. It can be hard at first now that there is 3 components instead of 1. Hue, value and saturation. It helps to start with very limited color palette and keep thinking the values just like you were drawing and play with the color along the way. Once you gain more comfidence with the limited palette you can add more color and dig deeper into the color and light theories.

If you just consume all the theories at once and try to apply all of it into your first paintings it's simply too much information. This helped me a lot to understanding how the awesome FX you see in great paintings are related to physical pheonenoms. If you understand something about these things from artistic point of view, you can replicate these phenomenoms from your mind. After some practise of course. There's another color theory package in gnomonworkshop I haven't watched yet. Anyone seen it? Opinions? Might be worth it. This tut has lot of important info in a tight package.

Dont be afraid of using real paint. You already like drawing traditionally. So, why not traditional painting? I recommend doing both. Foundations are the same but theres big differences.

Hope this helps.

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11 November 2010, 02:39 PM
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