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05 May 2002, 12:09 AM
Hi Everybody!

I was reading the post in CGTALK forum about textures... Iīm a spanish guy and my english is very hard for me. But I read all the forum but I have a problem...

I read the sentence "Specular doesn't exist" and the answers and questions... Maybe in the real world The specular setting doesnīt exist but...

In LightWave (I love this Software...) how can I turn off it and do an image... I canīt!!!

If a set specular setting to 0% I see nothing... and I donīt understand this thing on the post...

Can someone tell me (very simply) explain something about this ?

Any example? ... only for test it...

Thanks to every body again

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05 May 2002, 12:56 AM
I havent read the post, but what they are probably saying is that the way most renderers apply a specular highlight is a fake, & is not what happens in reality. In reality, any bright highlight you see on an object is actually a reflection of some kind of light source. You can acheive this with a few of the newer renderers (Brazil, Final Render & Vray, among others) using so called 'blurry reflections'. These are raytraced reflections that blur according to distance - which is more physically accurate. The typical 'specular' highlight created when using phong, blinn or most of the other shading algorythms out there produces a fixed shape specular based on the angle that the emitting light is in relation to the object & camera. eg: so even if you had a square light source, you would end up with a circular specular highlight.

Of course the trade-off is time, to raytrace all the highlights on an object takes much much longer than quickly determining the incidence angle & applying a specular highlight on an object. Its would be equivilent to comparing raytraced shadows with shadow maps. Raytraced shadows are undeniably more 'physically accurate' but you will find that the vast majority of production work is done with shadow maps, because of the time involved & the usual looming deadlines... :)

05 May 2002, 01:02 AM
I think that I understant "A little" any example of it ?

any simply explication to how to do this with LW, MAX (final render or brazil) ?


or an example... more explained better...




Thanks a lot...

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05 May 2002, 01:56 AM
Ok, here is an example of 'blurry reflections', courtesy of Johannes Schlorb (as you can see, most objects that have any kind of highlight are a direct result of reflection the exterior image, or the ceiling lights)

To acheive this kind of thing in FinalRender & Max:

In your material properties, go to 'glossyness' (under reflection) & change it to 99 or under - this activates 'blurry reflections' .Then put your specular level to 0 & play with your reflection level & glossyness to change the levels & blurryness of the reflection/highlight. If you want , open the 'advanced settings' & adjust the IOR to alter the glancing angle that reflectivity starts at...

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