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10 October 2010, 08:24 PM
Hi everyone,
I finally put together a modeling reel and I was hoping to get some critiques/comments on it,

Modeling Reel (

All of the work was done in Maya and rendered with mental ray, and put together in AE. Please feel free to comment on anything about it.

Thanks a lot!

10 October 2010, 10:02 PM
Joe, it would help a lot to focus feedback if you explained a little more about your goals. Watching your reel, I am assuming that you're a game modeller, because everything is very low poly. But am I right in assuming this? I don't know.

Just quickly, I'd say for starters that you need to show more variety. A single environment, a vehicle and a character don't really say enough about your ability to adapt to a wide range of briefs. You really owe it to yourself to demonstrate a wider selection of work, to show that you're capable of tackling different styles and different levels of complexity. For example, we can see that you can make a Western city street scene, but what about a detailed Eastern medina with cloth canopies and such? What about a rural environment with farm houses, tractors, hay stacks? Showing versatility is very important.

I spotted a few issues here and there. Personally I think you may have gone a little crazy with some of the details in your city, especially some of the windows which you've put at crazy angles. Sure, old buildings aren't spirit-level perfect, but I do think you may have gone a little overboard with making some parts a little too imperfect. Moving in, the goalie has some anatomy issues, especially his shoulders and arms. I think the motorbike looked good. If you consider addressing these issues and then adding some more pieces, I think you'll have a pretty decent reel.

10 October 2010, 07:41 PM
Hi Leigh,
Thanks for the feedback it's really helpful...As for what I want to do, I enjoy modeling pretty much everything but I think my best stuff is low poly, so right now I would like to work as a game modeler.
I know I need more variety, I have a few more things to finish and render which will hopefully make it a little stronger, but I'm also working a lot on texturing so my reel isn't getting enough attention. Do you think I should put textured pieces with untextured work in the same reel or make 2 different ones?
I think some of the details on the city are overkill so I'll probably lessen some of them, but they also help to make it a little less grid like, which I like. And I didn't really see the anatomy issues of the goalie until you pointed it out so thanks.

Thanks a lot.

10 October 2010, 09:36 PM
With characters you have to show heads, hands and feet, you cant hide them. Cloth and material (steel, leather, rubber ect) are important to portray well, including wrinkles, creases pits nodules and so on. Game characters rely hugely on textures and textures like normal maps, diffuse, specular, AO make up most of the detail. To be up with it all you should show the low poly with and without maps including a wire to demonstrate you know about mesh deformation. You should know how to bake textures and show these textures as maps along witht the model. For games you should be showing hardware renders that are screen captured. Even worse, there are noises that showing your model walking around a level is much appreciated. There are eat 3d and gnomon dvds that deal with these processes if you are not sure about them. Also try unity 3d, its the easiest game engine to grasp and there are many free tutorials.

Really super low poly characters are probably still done for hand held games. Although a colleague of mine showed me a new UDK demo on his ipone. Given, there were no characters but the texture detail and material representation of a middle aged city were frighteningly beautiful and intense. Look for the folios of well known game artists and you should know exactly what is needed.

10 October 2010, 10:32 PM
I actually like the majority of the modeling in your reel. You have a good variety but I would like to see more. I do believe that there is a problem with the actual presentation. You showed several passes of each individual model and that was a little distracting. I would limit that to combine some of those into the same shot. For example, you can make the turntables and wireframes morph into a single shot. That would really cut down on some of the redundancy. On a semi-related note, I would make friends with a good texture artist to assist with that. You can double up on reels that way by giving that person credit and they may include you in their reel as well.

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10 October 2010, 10:32 PM
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