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10-11-2010, 09:48 AM
I'm was wondering how to combine 3ds max and virtools. I'm actually learning 3ds Max and Virtools and i was thinking where could i find some tutorials about this 2 software.

My main problem is probably modeling characters, and i have some doubts, what do i have to do to create a character and then import to virtools, what specific things to do in 3ds max to import to virtools and start creating the operations to create some kind of a game.

Can somebody help me giving me some advices and tutorials?

sorry for some "dumb" questions, looking forward for some answers

Many Thanks, by the way, i discovered this forum today and i find this very interesting with people that knows many things about 3ds max.

John ;)

10-11-2010, 02:59 PM
Here are some useful tuts for making characters, don't forget that this is only technical aspect, if you want to create high quality characters, you need artistic knowledge behind it ;)

Low poly character model:

It's important to understand how low poly works before you get into normal mapping.
Scroll down this page 'til you find "character series" set of videos for low poly

I got started with this, which is a bit dated but great technique for facial loops:
http://www.*******.com/ffa/tutorials...c/joanmenu.php (http://www.*******.com/ffa/tutorials/max/joanofarc/joanmenu.php)
Keep in mind this one is not meant for a videogame, but if you keep your polycount low you could easily use it in an engine. NOTE: The URL above is 3D total (no space)

Making of DWIV: Bishop (http://www.*******.com/tutorials/bishop/)
NOTE: The URL above is 3D total (no space)

Street cop workflow by Mashru Mishu

Making of Varga by Paul Tosca

Making of Paragalis creature by Marcus Dublin

10-11-2010, 07:52 PM
first of all, i'm very glad for your answer. i find this tutorials really interesting.

i've been looking at this forum and i found many useful tutorials like yours! I'm very enthusiastic about this program, i've been working with it 3 years ago, but now i have to focus because i was working with 8 different softwares :/ it's difficult to mastered at one. and 3D is my "thing" :)

what about virtools? has anyone used it? or you prefer other software?

thanks ;)

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