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10 October 2010, 06:45 PM

Here are all the Work in Progress Videos :


"If everything will be based on reference, Imagination would die one day"

I recently finished a Muscle-rig as my personal project. In this rig I have tried to use couple of techniques to achieve better looking muscle deformations. This rig is a combination of multiple volume preserving helper joints and joint driven blend-shapes.
Bhasmasura - is a character from Hindu Mythology which I modeled, reading the references from the scriptures. I studied muscle anatomy and sculpted the muscles on the model to give it a better muscle definition and more accurate muscle deformations. I have used multiple blend-shapes to define muscle flexing, almost each muscle set has its own blend-shape, there is a separate blend-shape for vein popping. Facial expressions are done by blend-shapes as well.Multiple sets of helper joints which are joint driven too, helps to preserve mesh volume and give accurate deformations. For the rendering part, I have applied Sub-surface scattering shader.

10 October 2010, 09:10 PM
Why did you post that again ?

I would have posted "Look at muscle references ( ex: Bodybuilder videos ) to improve the muscle movements" but you have an "Anti-use-of-reference" quote that prevented me from doing so.

10 October 2010, 09:49 PM
Hey, looks like you've put a good deal of work into this so congrats.

I would recommend looking at more reference for something like this though, trying to replicate something so detailed as human anatomy and muscle movements is no easy task.

Right from the start I see some issues with how the lats (latisimuss dorsi) stretch when your arms are in their up position. Also when the arm is flexing there is some issues with how your biceps / triceps flex as well as the elbows movement / pivot.

I'm not a complete muscle movement expert but the feeling I get from most of the movements is more like the skin is just stretching and there is no underlying structure to maintain volume.

I say great job on taking on such a daunting task but I think there are still improvements you could make.

10 October 2010, 12:00 AM
@ EricDLegare :
Hey Eric, I definitely understand what you are trying to say here and I have put this quote because my model is not completely based on natural human anatomy and its a character from the Hindu-Mythology which I have modeled gathering information from the scriptures. In regards of muscle deformations I definitely looked at allot of references and still trying to improve this.

@ Delucubus :
Thanks ! Yes, The skin is stretching :) because I don't have the sliding skin working on this rig so far. I will surely consider your observation and try to improve lats, biceps and triceps area.

Thanks again !

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