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10 October 2010, 10:12 AM
Hi guys ,
I have start a personal project a time ago and now I wish to render a character that I made too see how it looks with a interesting shader. Here there were 2 possibility :to choose a cartoon shader or a sss fast skin shader. I first try , and I still like to use a cartoon shader but unfortunately no one can tell me how to achieve a decent cartoon look I have made a thousand tests with all the materials and lights in maya or max to achieve that look and all was in vain.The look that I want it can be found for example in" Salesman Pete", "Pandore" or "California love" jut to mention little of them, I ask couple of guys I even ask the makers of that movies ( all are french) and I receive no answer I ask people on my job , on the internet , etc. Well I suppose no one can tell me how to achieve that look .Is ether a secret or is too complicated to explain or something ... what shader to use and what lights....
Well and this is how I get here. Because I can't do a decent cartoon shader I choose the sss fast skin shader for the skin , at least to look decent. All works just good until yesterday when I try to unlink a light from Light linking editor. The situation was like these : I have a object in the scene which uses sss skin and other with several shaders ,when I add a light of any kind the object is influenced by it , when I come with the second light the object respond ok to the lights. Well if for example I add another lights in the scene and I don't want to affect my character skin sss shader but only an object in the scene, that turn to be quite impossible.So the tests begin for many hours now and still no result.If I unlink one lights from
there is no visible result , if I unlink all the lights in the scene it is a different result but the object continue to be illuminated even when it has no light sources ????? In the same time the other objects in the scene witch use lamberts and blin or so ever are dark wich it means the light linking is working ok but the shader is not. Anyone know what to do? I am stuck and going crazy.
Thank's in advance.

PS.If anyone now how to achieve that cartoon shader that I've spoke earlier please just tell me.It will be a unimaginable help.

Hope someone to answer me.

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10 October 2010, 10:12 AM
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