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09 September 2010, 03:45 PM
I am currently working on a level design in 3D studio Max en due to the nature of the setting, I need to work with light a whole lot. The setting of the game is a fantasy world and the cave itself is home to a certain kind of flourescent shroom that serves as natural light in these caves.

Unfortunately, Max (per default) only shows about 8 lights in the viewport. All the other lights are simply represented as if they are turned off.

This provides me with a problem.
1. I cannot test whether the point lights are actually satisfarctory and need to make a render to do the actual test.
2. It makes it difficult to place representations of those point lights (flourescent shrooms), withouth turning on the mesh and shaded option. Due to the size of the level (and the fact that I cannot have the shrooms intersect with the walls and stuff) it makes my machine run rather slow.
3. It makes determining what size/type shrooms I want to use difficult.

edit: I just realized that (stupid me) the 8 lights is a hardware limitation, not a software one.

I have changed my question accordingly; how can I change which lights are on and off in the viewport so that I can actually check more than just the first 8 lights I placed? I tried it using my current (default) settings, but when I turn one of the active lights off, the next light won't turn on. It is like it has been locked to the first 8 lights only.

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09 September 2010, 03:45 PM
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