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10 October 2003, 12:22 PM

I've just finished a low-budget website for an up coming UK solo artist, whose debut album was recently released.

In particular, I'm looking for any compatability issues that might arise with various platforms and browsers. Thanks.

Ian Jones
10 October 2003, 02:27 PM
Quick crits / random things:

'Get Flash', could be much easier to find if it were just dimmed, not completely invisible.

The scrollbar in the main page goes a little bit too fast imo.

The text links at the bottom are a little hard to read and distinguish from each other. I think that you have broken the rules a little, but it still seems to work fairly well. So disregard this comment if you wish.

Reviews section: "with a very fine ear for a very decent" There is an accidental double space imbetween for <> a. Also look further down and you'll see the last line of that section is stragely indented. I couldn't be bothered doing a thorough checkover, but I hope that helps.

Overall its a really nice site. Great work! it is at a high-level of design. I had no compatability issues: PC 1.3ghz, XP, IE6.

10 October 2003, 04:52 PM
Looks Great.

Frame rate is nice and smooth. How many fps did you use?

Work: MAC OS 9.2 G4 733 GEForce 32Meg Video Running IE 5.1.6
Pentium 2 NT SP4 16 meg video card Browsing with: IE 6

Problems With:

1) Pentium 2 NT SP4 16 meg video card Browsing with: Netscape 6.2 Shockwave Plug 8

a) Clicking on any link in the Nav Bar results in a perpetual "Loading Content, Please wait". It never loads anything. I tried all the links in the Nav Bar with the same result.

If you need a MacOSX test, I'll do one tonight.


10 October 2003, 06:45 PM
Thanks guys.

Ian Jones:
Thanks for the crits. Text field scrollers have always been a pain in the arse for me, but it was quick and cheap this way. If I'd had more time/money I'd have maybe used a drag-bar. The menu is deliberately one big word, where rolling over each item highlights it against the others. It's a design device carried over from the album cover. I think it works pretty well.

Cheers for spotting the extra space in the review. I got rid of it - you know how it is when you've been working on something for a while, you can't see wood for trees!! The weird indent space at the bottom is where flash renders the HTML in the text field verbatim, even when the first character in a line is a space. Not sure how to combat this!!

I should have mentioned that the site runs off a PHP content management system, so Morgan's the one who controls the actual content - I just built the framework.

Wow, thanks for checking it out. I've tested it on my Mac and PC systems, but it always helps to open it up - you really do get a wide variety of machines.

I use 30fps generally. It's quick enough to get some nice animation and make the interface feel more responsive, but slow enough for older computers to cope with.

The only thing I can think of that might be affecting the Pentium 2 is the player version. The movie uses PHP calls to read in and format the information, then uses the onData event handler to identify when the information has been fully printed back to the movie. If there is a problem with the PHP side, it returns a message telling you that there was a server error and the information was not available. If you don't even get this much, it means the onData event handler was never called. Hmmm, strange.

That's interesting, thanks Heimdall - you really are the watchman. (I still remember some of my nordic mythology!!)

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