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10 October 2003, 12:16 PM
Hi everybody (excuse my english I'm french :shrug: )

I made this picture with some free Photoshop Brushes and anything else, no other pictures.

U can find those brushes in this web site :

This picture becomes the base I would to make a 2D tracking on a video ... on my face (same proportion .... ).

So, what kind of techniques should I use to make my photoshop layer move "a little" on my face movement.
Morphing, warper, or build my cg face and match the movment ?????

Thanks to reply.

Ian Jones
10 October 2003, 02:15 PM
Hey , nice manip and painting! I wouldn't call it a "matte painting" though (since that term is fairly specific to movie backgrounds and image plates). Anyway... back to the topic.

You certainly have asked a fairly difficult question. I can only guess, but hopefully I may be useful.

It really depends on the level of perfection you are striving for. It also depends on what you meant by "a little". For example, I would use morphing and warping tools... in composting software probably (otherwise you have to do it frame by frame in photoshop), if you only wanted to breate a little bit of life and movement into it. As long as you don't turn your head to reveal too much depth then 2D techniques would probably be the best option.

Ultimately though, a high-end production would probably make a detailed and realistic 3d model, or perhaps only model the overlayed additional components such as the scars. They would then animate this to very carefully match the source footage perspective and movement. 'Digital Face Replacement' is the Hollywood term that seems to get thrown around when referring to these sorts of techniques. Maybe try searching for that with Google.

Head over to the Compositing and Visual Effects forum here at CGTalk if you want to get some specific professional help in this area.

I hope that helps.

10 October 2003, 01:51 PM
Thank you Ian,

I will try Warper to Morph "my scares",
with a little head 2d movment in the video. no up axis rotation !

And I will try 'Digital Face Replacement' later ...
probably with Scene Genie for 3dsmax.
I saw a test which is very realistic done with this plug in.
Check those videos :

So thank You again for u're post reply.

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