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10 October 2003, 10:22 AM
Somebody hit me. I'm trying to get my head around these armatures and can successfully drag-control items with them. What I'd like, however is to replicate the auto-setup handle in which the armature (easy to select) calls up the item's edit spheres.

Like this:
on mouse over, get real visible
on click, call up item's edit sphere
on drag, rotate item

It's right there in the autorig, but I can't reverse engineer it.
I'm not much of an engineer, I guess - reverse, forwards or sideways. Any tips, advice or step-by-step to-do lists greatly appreciated.
Here's a list of what I don't understand in the autorig handles:
where are the channels actually being activated? By that text entry in the name? There are no channels other than '0' and not even the controller seems to be speaking to a particular item.

Also, I assume the on/off switch (that red bypass icon) gets activated by a double-click on the armature, but I can't find that either. The double-click icon (5th item) would also be de-activated, right?

10 October 2003, 05:49 PM
Not using autorig at the momment, but I have played a bit with the armatures and hopefully may answer some of your questions. Take this from someone who. like you, have no documentation on this, apart from the videos.
- All channels at 0 ? I don't think that this column is used when a click action is selected.
- Text entry? This is just the name of the handler, which can be displayed beside the handler icon. So you use the name to give instructions.
- No controller for the autorig? I believe the autorigdrag action is "programmed" specifically for the autorig, no answer for that, but I'm sure that Ron will add more docs as soon as he can.

For your purposes you can assign handlers to controllers and use the drag controller action for that. How the handlers are shown can be achieved with the visibility click action. Check for the 4th col in the armature list, in the line where apperars the action name. clicking on that col you will see different icons representing a possible mouse action: click, double click, etc...
For example, how to access the controller Edit Sphere double clicking an armature handler with the MMB, that is, to select it.

Create a handler and assign the controller you want in the list on the handler block, at the bottom.
Add a Controller select click action for this handler (select "click" action in the first list, "controller select" in the second one, on the action block, at the top)
click in the fourth col till you see the double click icon (see picture below).
Expand the handler action in the list clicking in the + sign . Disable the L and R mouse buttons (same as with expressions), so this action will be triggered only by the MMB.
That's it. Now, each time you double click on the handler, you will select the controller linked with it. Usefull to reset the channels, use Edit Sphere, etc...
I hope there will be docs soon so we won't have to "experiment" with the different settings like now.
Best regards,

10 October 2003, 06:02 PM
Hey David,
cannot attach the picture, wait till I've got a web :O

10 October 2003, 06:49 PM

Thanks, Javier!

I haven't tested it yet. got some work work stuff to do.
Does the handler call up the edit sphere?

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