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09 September 2010, 09:45 PM
Hey folks. I've been wanting to get into organic modeling more and I decided to model a human male.
I could use some input though on the model and what can be improved for a more anatomically correct look. I've only done 1 organic model before and that was a human male about 1 year ago.

Here goes:

Fullres @

Fullsres @

There is something in the cheek areas that's bugging me a bit but I cant figure it out.

The reference photos I used for this character was a ~30 year old afro american male, which I tried to reflect in the model.


09 September 2010, 11:31 PM
For a 2nd organic model that is pretty good, especially since you managed to connect the ear (which is looking quite good)

The general tweaks id suggest are mostly anatomy based, you need to study the skull / muscles of the head to understand some of its features. They're not huge mistakes...but here goes:

-Placement of the sternomastoid muscle is a bit off (consult anatomical references)
-The back of the neck is too random, find reference of the trapezius muscle to understand the form in that area (yes yes i know, you probably left it like that because you're not focusing on that part yet)
-The throat and chin are way too pinched (don't rely on your images planes, you also need to represent how the form reads in 3/4 view!)
-The edgeloops between the nose and eyesocket could use better flow (that part where you are re-routing the nostril edge)
-It feels like the eyesocket is too forward (which could be distortion from your reference?)
-The eyelids have a LOT of edges that don't seem to contribute much
-The shape of the eyelids is too oval and generic
-There should be some mass where the top eyelid and top of the brow meet
-The jawline could be improved a bit topology wise
-There's an edgeloop that goes from forehead to jawline that seems redundant...

Here's my current topology "style", it doesnt mean it's good, it just seems to work for me, maybe you'll get a few ideas.

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09 September 2010, 11:31 PM
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