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09 September 2010, 05:58 PM
Hey everyone,

I don't mean to gripe, but I've noticed a bit of a downward trend in the amount of feedback I get in my more recent image cg gallery posts.

Of course I accept that better artwork will get more commentary and critique, but on the whole, over the last year, I find that my posts are only getting two or three comments before shuffling to the bottom of the pile within eight hours or so. In years past, I could expect between 20 and 50 comments before a work faded into the background.

My primary use for this site has always been to get impressions from my peers on my work so that I can improve. Has the CGTalk gallery dramatically dropped in traffic? Is there a new system at work that is no longer supporting commentary on artwork? I suspect that social networking sites are taking over this function from sites such as this, but I would be very sad if the glory days of the CG Gallery are over.

Please let me know if this has been your impression or if I just need to start doing more eye catching work!


09 September 2010, 03:19 PM
All very good questions but I don't have any hard figures on what the gallery traffic is like now compared to years past. I believe it's true that we have more traffic, but less constructive feedback on the site. Probably due to the amount of acquired membership spilling in from external links such as (Digg, Reddit, DeviantArt, etc.). CGTalk used to be more populated with industry artists and students. Now there seems to be a large populace of hobbyists, fans and general lurkers.

So, people visit more to just look than to leave comments and help the artist improve their craft. (These are all just my opinion - having been here for many years and able to recall what the atmosphere used to be like beforehand).

Although, looking at your post history, you've made one comment on another artist's work in the past two years but used to post regularly before that. So, I got to ask ... what made you decline in the feedback that you left for other artists? And why would you expect any different from them in return?

Sometimes the answers to our questions are right there in front of us. All that is needed is to take a look into the mirror. :shrug:

09 September 2010, 03:55 PM
That's fair enough. I should increase my own participation and I appreciate the wake up call, but I still sense a systematic decline and I'm not sure what the cause is.

09 September 2010, 02:02 PM
I agree with the original poster. I had actually come to this forum to start a similar topic, but see i was beaten to the punch. It seems to me that a general kind of apathy has pervaded the the atmosphere here. Even highly regarded pieces seem to get less views. As for myself i can't remember the last time i received a comment on my work. I know I'm not that active in the forum, but just a few years ago i can remember even my poorest pieces getting a comment or two. It really sucks because this site used to be a much more lively place. Now it seems the only way to be noticed here is to be on the front page or already be well known to the community. Many quality pieces are being shoved aside with barely any views. This may be unrelated but i much preferred the old rating system (as flawed as it was) at least you could gauge the gallery on the merits of the individual pieces (even with vote fixing i rarely used to see a piece that got an unfair rating overall). Now all you have to rely on is a tiny 80x80 thumbnail to attract viewers. I love this site, but i'm just not feeling the love back :(

09 September 2010, 12:24 AM
Please let me know if this has been your impression or if I just need to start doing more eye catching work!


Yes, I definitely agree as well: Comments are harder to come by here (dramatically). But don't be discouraged. More eye catching work? I don't know if that is possible. Your artwork is amazing (and I don't hand out this kind of praise often)!

One thing I've learned from this and other forums, is that forum posts (although often highly desired, valuable and thought provoking) are not necessarily a good measure of your audience as a whole. For every person who contributes a comment there might be a hundred that saw and thought "OMG" but didn't make a peep (that is if they can find you in the first place.)

Take me as an example: Been a member since 2007 ( visited the site too many times to count) and this is my second post. When I'm really wowed and others have already stated what I might say, I don't know if I would really be contributing. Now I have something to say, but before I get on my soap box, I just want to say that I am very pleased to discover your work (and Rivenis). Truth be told though I would not have found either one of you had I not followed your Portfolio links from the Avatar areas in this thread.

So,FowlerIllus, if I understand the purpose of your inquiry (and I think I do), you not only want to know if it seems like less folks are commenting but why others think this is happening. My theory, though not discounting Kirt's two cents as valid, is contained in my first post: ( I ask basically " How do people (who don't know you) find you?" This is a serious question (and I get the whole "posting is a privilege" thing" and hope I won't be banned for coming out as critical of this site's navigation). My intention is to be constructive with this criticism. The artwork (some of the best I've seen anywhere), the contests, the concept of this community, and even the site's web design: All of it is awesome and inspiring, yet...

I'm not just a hobbyist, fan, or lurker (though perhaps all of these things, and proud of it); I am an industry professional, in so far as I have made a modest living for over ten years now as a freelance graphic designer, web designer, and 3D modeler. I'll also be a student for life, as the tools keep changing and getting more liberating all the time!

My big point: We can't all work for George Lucas (sorry if that is dated) because (talented or not) it is still about who you know. That is one of the most compelling reasons for this site's existence, because it provides the potential for new artists who have yet to be discovered to find their audience and for those not ready for "prime time" to learn and improve and be inspired.

To the meat of it: If your thumbnail is not in the Popular, or Featured area of the Portfolio section, I really don't see how the average newcomer is going to find you. And that seems like it would be a problem for at least 148 thousand other folks here with Portfolios.

I haven't gotten a response to my thread/post yet and I know it is probably way to soon, having only posted yesterday. But I would love for some one to show me where the big "browse all portfolios by thumbnail" button is. Maybe this is a daunting task, or maybe it is omitted by design (and you have to earn your browse-ability). In any case, if I (as a search-engine savvy, paid web designer and all-around computer geek) am having trouble finding the undiscovered masses of talent here, then maybe there are potential clients (less computer knowledgeable) who also can't find this talent. That would be a shame.

I'm not just a talker: I may buy a paid membership if posting my portfolio will help me to be seen by potential clients who don't already know me. I understand why there is quality control before images are accepted in the Gallery section. However, if I have wait for the powers that be here to decide if I am good enough to be "Popular" or "Featured" before anyone can easily find my work (to decide for themselves), then maybe I'll just go back to being silent and invisible. For now though, I would like to contribute.

You are great artists! This is a great site(and I hope it will be improved)!

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09 September 2010, 12:24 AM
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