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09 September 2003, 03:33 PM
Frequently when using painter 8 for an hour or so the colour picker suddenly reverses - e.g. using it to select will cause the back of the two colour squares to change, rather than the front.

Out of curiosity - is this a bug or am I actually touching a button accidently which causes this to happen?

Cheers :)

09 September 2003, 06:11 PM

Several users have mentioned this problem and I don't know the cause.

If there is one, I haven't found a keysboard shortcut to toggle between activating the Primary Color and Secondary Color, though there should be one if there isn't.

Since Shift+X is used to switch Primary Color and Secondary Color that could be used to quickly get the intended color while you're painting, if you don't want to stop long enough to click the Primary Color square.

Shift+X won't highlight the other color square, it will just make the Secondary Color the Primary Color and vice-versa.

Fortunately, Ctrl/Command+Z and Shift+X are close together on the keyboard! ;)

09 September 2003, 09:40 PM
Hmmmm - suspected as much - but thought it was worth asking. A similar problem in Photoshop that puzzled me for years turned out to be me accidently hitting the caps lock - so you never know...

And when using painter my hand is never far away from control z, shift x, the opacity numbers and the brackets for resizing ;)

Wonderful package - looking forwards to the patch (and grateful to all the helpful postings Jin...)

09 September 2003, 02:34 AM

We may find it is something like the caps lock key in Photoshop. If you figure it out, please let us know and I'll do the same.

Glad you're enjoying Painter. It is a wonderful program, though more than a bit quirky.


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