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09 September 2003, 06:20 AM
Currently I am using a Dell 20" LCD at 1600x1200. I know some artists use Dual Monitors but I'm not sure what value is added by having two. Specifically for Combustion or Digital Fusion.

Should I run as one big desktop or two seperate desktops? I currently have an AGP Geforce4 MX 64MB and I am using the DVI port. I want to get a better card to support OpenGL, but should I shop for a dual DVI, or one AGP DVI and another PCI DVI?


10 October 2003, 04:38 AM
Hey Dfusion,

I've got a Quadro FX500 with dual monitor. 1 screen is a 19" screen and the other is a 15" LCD screen. First off, the truest advantage while using Combustion is that the second screen is independant of the first. In other words, you can open up the composite view on say the 2nd screen, and in the first (primary) you could be painting. So let's say you've got a paint screen open on your primary, and composite open on the secondary.. there is an advantage in its self. My second thought about the second monitor is also the use of the schematic view in the secondary and whatever your heart desires in the primary screen. The each screen can be changed to what ever you want on the fly, just click on the view port of either screen, then open the view you want as if you only had one monitor.. and whallah, the change occurs.. Hope this helps..

About your DVI and AGP questions.

On my FX 500, I'm running a DVI and Analoge setup. Since neither of my screens are DVI.. I have an adaptor for the DVI to the screen. (My adaptor came with the FX 500, but you could find them at a well stocked computer store). If you want an easy upgrade, you could jump up to the Geforce4 4200, it has two outputs.. if you get the right one. I'm tempted to go with a third screen with a PCI card. I just love all of the extra work space room. About the desktop questions, I'm running a single desktop that splits both views. Nview, the dual monitor managing program that came with the new Nvidia cards, allows the 'start bar' to span across only the 19" monitor and not in to the 15".. which is nice.. Really, I guess it's up to your preference.. When comparing my work performance between my laptop.. 1 screen, and between my desktop.. 2 screens, I've gotta go with the dual monitor setup even though the desktop is slower. Well, it does have an fx500 and 768mb of ram.. :thumbsup:

Once again, hope this helps.

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