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08 August 2010, 04:17 AM
Hello every body, I wanna know how to make a character grab/hold something ( by his hand Like phone and animate the phone with the hand, I use maya 2010, and I work on my new animation scene, my character rig is ( Azry rig ) and when make parent give me this message ( // Error: Node '|Azary:Azary|Azary:Anim_GRP|Azary:R_Arm_all_grp|Azary:R_Ik_Hand_CTL' is locked and cannot be reparented. ) .
So please any one give me Solution ?

08 August 2010, 06:06 AM
does this happen even when you parent constrain as opposed to just parent?

08 August 2010, 01:14 PM
I try now and NO it's work with another body, but dose not work with hand, I wanna know the best way to make a hand grab the phone, maybe I don't know how to make that.

08 August 2010, 02:26 AM
so you can move and key your hand control but not constrain it? thats weird.

08 August 2010, 02:18 PM
There are a lot of diferent ways you can do this. Again it really depends on the end result that you are looking for.

As for your specific problem:

What it looks like you are attempting to do is reparent the hand CTRL to another object instead of using the constraints to parent the object to the hand.

When setting up a constraint always select controller then controlled. When you parent an object (using the "p" quick key) it's always child then parent.

Constraints are different then actual parenting. It looks like from your error message that your attempting to reparent the hand control, which has had it's translate locked down.

for exact positioning there is a plugin some of the people in this forum like called Revit you can find it on highend 3d (or whatever they are calling themselves these days).

here is a sample thread with a sample file of a working constraint system

Remi must be on vacation, since usually he's the one to chime in about the Revit plugin. =)

08 August 2010, 06:52 PM
If this is a relationship which needs to be updated when you update the animation of the hand then the previous posts are all correct. If on the other hand you want to just set the animation data on the object to follow the hand as a key process, then I'm about to release a Studio pack that has a tracker function in it to do just that.
The idea is that you'd position the phone in his hand at the start of the tracking, then select the hand and then the phone and just run the tracker of the given timerange. It'll keep the relationship between hand and phone solid and does so without any constraints etc to the phone itself, meaning that you don't have the limitaion inputs to worry about.

I'm looking for testers if your interested


08 August 2010, 06:09 AM
OT: Red, sounds cool, I would be interested in this too.
Sounds cool and simple. I hate breaking my rigs.

Your other beta studiotools are really great. I have not been able to use them to there full potential(should read your manual again). I will report my bugs soon, as I am having troubles with an Anzovin rig I have.

Thanks; as is they have already saved me time.

08 August 2010, 06:31 AM
The tracker is at the very bottom of the AnimationUI, if you have one object selected when you hit the process button then it will stabilize that object., If you have 2 it will track one with the other maintaining the offsets.

08 August 2010, 07:23 AM
ha, thanks.

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