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07 July 2010, 03:09 PM
First of I'm not sure if this is in the right forum move it if it's not.

Anyways I'm a student (21) in Orlando fl. I go to IADT for game design. I wanted to go to full sail but it was very expensive and tried animation mentor and Dave school but they both needed a cosigner which I don't have. Relocated wasn't an option with a baby on the way.So anyways I have a passion for animating(I used to animate alot of 2d stuff in flash and basic stuff in 3d) drawing, and graphic design (I am self taught in Photoshop and have gotten pretty good at making designs, sigs, logos wallpapers ect.)

I love graphic design but only the art aspect of things like hey design me a mixtape cover not hey do my website or logo. Anyways I know iadt will only teach me so much I want my portfolio to be hefty by the time I graduate I want to be well rounded in modeling graphic design, drawing in ps, animating ect.

Now my question is where should I start? Right now I ame takin gen Ed classes so no drawing or design classes till sept. I am sketching when I can, I just bout a tablet from monoprice and plan on starting to learn to draw in Photoshop and work on my sketching. Is this the right thing to do? Also me and few other student are working on a basic game we hope to be developed into a flash game or iPhone app. Any tips or insight would be great sorry for the wall of text

08 August 2010, 07:07 PM
In regard to online animation schools, Jason Ryan has started ianimate ( which may be of interest to you. I've had Jason as a interim mentor at Animation Mentor and I also purchased his online tutorials. He is a good teacher and animator. Caveat: I don't have any experience or affiliation with the ianimate school so use at your own risk ;)

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08 August 2010, 07:07 PM
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