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07 July 2010, 11:30 AM
Here is my problem,

I build a scene with a lot of paint effects (grass and flowers) use from maya but not converted to polygons because a limit acceced polygons converted. It was easy to render from software engine and i got good results, but is not giving to me the realistic look because there is not shadow from paint effects.
I know how to cast shadow and 3d fake shadow from shadow effects of paint effects but this it will not give me control over shadow in compoziting, so i setup the scene in render layers separating elements on scene with passes beauty and shadow.
Showing in picture attached from viewport but Display quality for all paint effects is low
20-30 % to move in scene, already in passes i can get ground and paint effects layers rendered but shadow pass i can't get it.

In the second pic attached the scene is already render and compozed, with separated layers forground , background for paint effects from after effects and already you don't see the ground for shadow,but in begining of scene when painteffects are growing and spreading you can see everything and ground compozed without any shadow cast from paint effects .

The way to convert the paint effects into polygons didn't work, i did it and it reach something like 4-5 milion poly that with my windows 7 , 8 Gb ram memory 2 quad core, it wasn't a problem to handle, but when i start to render (software and mental ray) render do not start and say Render Complete without starting any frame. I tested the scene even in another pc with same maya 2010 , same thing, even software batch render crash.
The Idea is how can i get shadow pass in render layers for paint effects , is there any special setup , i already did the same setup like you make for all objects and i get shadow pass for objects but not for paint effects with 3d fake shadow and cast shadow on.

Hoping for solution.

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07 July 2010, 11:30 AM
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