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07 July 2010, 11:15 AM
Hello everyone, I've just started on a short film/demo, and I will appreciate a bit of input regarding what I have so far:

I understand that she seems heavily armored, but I also need her to move quickly to avoid being hit.. while be able to take it, as well, in the case she does get hit. She's going to go against a 2.2-meter-high hammer robot if that's going to help.

Anyway here's a clip on how she's supposed to move:

The render is a bit noisy i understand; I tried keeping the rendertime each frame (800x800) under 2 mins. I'll try to find ways to keep the time but not the noise.

But my main requests for reviews involve the design and the animation. Designing things isn't my forte but sometimes I get to make things I like. She isn't exactly one of them.. but time is a factor, as well, and I just forged ahead with what I had. But I'm still open to suggestions for quick (but not too simple) design add-ons to make her more flavorful.

As for the animation, is her moving like that, um, 'cool enough'? She's not attacking by the way.. that's my mistake, not being clear on what she's doing. I just made her do some sword flourishes without any slashes to test out the rig and the character. Does the movement fit; are the movements -great-, and is the rig sufficient?

I've asked a lot of my co-workers about this and they said that it's 'good enough' but I myself know that it's not yet at its potential. I need some ideas..

Don't mince words; I love reading walls of text, as long as it is relevant. Thanks a lot for your help!

07 July 2010, 08:14 PM
That looks great! I cant really say anything about the animation. It looks fine to me. But I have a couple suggestions for the design and modeling portion. The waist might be a bit too low and narrow for a female. It might look better if the top fabric and the lower fabric was the same, like a uniform.At least the yellow part. It may benefit the design if you added some straps or something to indicate the shoulder armor is being worn and not just levitating. Maybe it would look better if you added a strap in the same style as the armor to one of the thighs. Just a holster or something to add to the asymmetry and tie it together better. And the ears might be too large. Good work overall though! I hope that helps. Good luck!

07 July 2010, 03:51 AM
Hmm. your comments are surprisingly upbeat, it makes me nervous..

But you're right about the straps. The shoulder pads do bother me; straps definitely will go in. I'll have to figure out where to put it though.. under the upper arms are the best bet for now.

A friend suggested I put a knife-belt for assymetry, but I was thinking the waist already has too much on it to add more. Another one said the pants are too clean.. so apparently putting a knife belt on one of the thighs would put the best of both worlds together.. thanks for the idea! definitely gonna work that out.

The ears aren't wrong, they're stylized. I think I read it in.. oh, there it is, your sig!

nah, you're probably right. I can adjust the ears a bit to fit the goggles more.. someone said before that it was too small. maybe I overdid it.

08 August 2010, 03:04 PM
I'm personally not a big fan of the overly armoured game-character looks but that's just a matter of preference. I do like what you did to the boot design, how it's basically boot slipped into an armored stilletto. It would have been nice to see that same kind of purpose in the mechanism put into the rest of the armour.

The wrinkles on her pants at the hips look wrong. Fabric is usually stretched at the hips, not compressed. Her jacket also seems very thin. Maybe think about making it look like a multilayered or inner-padded jacket with some interesting trims? I too think the ears are too big if only by a bit. The hair seems a little thin too. I don't mean the density but the actual hairs seem too fine and don't clump. I know it's stylized so it's easy to explain a lot of things away but I was thinking she must be really skinny to fit into that suit. It basically would have to have almost no thickness. As for the stylization I think her face could have used more character. She looks a little bland and "safe"

I'm not an animator but her walk looks very mechanical, like there's not enough overlap and follow through. Can't put my finger on what else it might be since she only takes 2-3 steps and Vimeo won't loop either. Her swordplay doesn't look very fluid or powerful either but I understand you only did that to test the rig. Which looks quite good from what I can see.


08 August 2010, 04:52 PM
Thanks, Wiro, for the detailed critique.

I'm definitely padding the inner part of the jacket. Your suggestion sounds good.

For the hips cloth.. yes, probably right.. I need to show that the cloth is stiff and heavy; so i'll just remove the wrinkles for now. I'm not going for stylized.. but I admit that i'm skimping a bit on technical stuff because, after scheduling everything, I've seen that reels like this are supposed to be group projects..

Interesting point about the hair, though.. you're the first one to say that. Maybe I overdid the tiling on some planes; I'll see if someone else finds the hair troubling before I do anything drastic, however.

I started the design from the boots upwards.. that's why the boots probably get a lot of attention. Admittedly, though, I don't like the arms as much. I'm trying to find something to add without putting too much additional time on it.

Don't mind the animation right now; I already picked a lot of tips from others and made some proper, more purposeful movements that I've yet to render.

Thanks for your time and honesty, both of you..

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08 August 2010, 04:52 PM
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