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09 September 2003, 12:29 AM
This may seem like a mega-newbie question here, but if you want to work as a character modeler in 3d games today, what are the basics?

1)How many polys are in the average game model?

2)What maps are you allowed to have? (back when I worked on games, there was just one. Now I hear you can have alpha maps, normal maps, bump maps, etc...)

3)What size is the average texture? (Again, back in the day you had 1 or 2 512x512's and that was it)

4)What is the most commonly used app? (Used to be 3DSMax, and now?)

I know that this will probably start some sort of modeller holy war, so everybody just try to be informative and not get hung up on a "Maya rulez, 3DSMax sux, 3DSMax is the best, Maya is for losers" mentality here. Thanks!

09 September 2003, 11:08 AM
Well, I use Wings3d ( for modelling, then I ex/import it to Max and make the final touches. Max is a standard for game development, but recently I heared that bigger companies sarted using Softimage XSI.

I'd like to hear about XSI and why it's better for gamedev than Max. It should be better if they pay big bucks for it. But again companies tend to buy the most common app, not the best for the job.:thumbsdow

There are no basics for charactermodelling and texturing. The specifics are based heavily on what platform is the game for, and the genre. But I'm sure somebody will lay out some guides for you. Not long ago I read about such things in another thread, so you could make a serach.

Theese questions keep on poping up time to time, so making a sticky thread related to this may be a good choice.:wavey:

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