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07 July 2010, 02:01 PM
I've heard good things about VUE but can the user sculpt very specific rocks, trees and clouds?

I'm trying to recreate this kind of look: (*%26tbs%3Disch:1) (*%26tbs%3Disch:1)

07 July 2010, 03:18 PM
I've done some painterly-ish stuff and I'd say that most of that look would come from doing it in post. Obviously plan your models, light and materials to work with it but the colour and yellowing from the oil varnish can be easily done in a compositor. Add a crackled canvas texture from fotolia and it's good.

But here are some tips if you want your compositions to feel like an early Renaissance composition like that:

- The compressed landscape is key so you'll need to use a long focal length. Mantegna's dead christ is almost orthographic:

Ditto for Bosch - there is little size difference between the people on the foreground plane and the background:

But you might consider doing a mix of matte painting and geometry. The painted clouds aren't as easy to make look flat and treated.

07 July 2010, 06:42 PM
I'm mostly thinking about extreme rock formations and impossibly steep hills. A program that works with Maya that allows the user to shape the terrain in a very synthetic arrangement but the individual elements (trees, grasses, sunlight) will render realistically. Sort of a very strange photograph.

The clouds I would probably add in post unless someone knows of a program where one can easily sculpt a cloud formation.

07 July 2010, 07:05 PM
I would suggest taking up Mudbox or Zbrush for stuff like this, but rendering in Maya will work just fine. If you need to know how to make realistic plants and foliage, check the forests in mental ray ( A long read, but some of the best and most realistic work I've seen there...

Vue will not perform as advertised, nor will it render as realistically as Vray or mental ray, nor in any efficient time frame. I can spot a Vue render from 3,000 miles away, and you'll be severely limited in every way, compared to using Maya.

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