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07 July 2010, 08:25 PM
im working on a scene in maya 2011 thats basically done, all the animations, lighting, etc
one of the last things i wanna do is add fur to some of the characters
i tried using maya fur but after weeks of test renders i was not happy with the results.

my friend uses C4D and he makes fur look easy, he shapes it sculpts it everything. it renders fast and looks great. with maya fur using mental ray its painful to use, it takes long times to render, and they dont look as good as c4d renders.

one of the solutions i thought of was to try and use Shave and Haircut for maya 2010 because to my knowledge there isnt a version for 2011 yet.

my question is, is it possible to create the fur using shave for 2010 and bring it in to my maya 2011 scene to eventually render out?

07 July 2010, 08:50 PM
from an email yesterday from Joe when I asked about Shave for 2011:

Yeah just about ready

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Maybe he's also compiling it on his iPhone, so that's why it's taking so long :p.

07 July 2010, 03:58 PM
i could use Shave for 2011

or Furry Ball for 2011

or Renderman for 2011

i feel like any one of these could potentially solve my issues but with our deadline approaching soon, i might be out of luck :hmm:

07 July 2010, 05:34 PM
Renderman for maya 2011 isn't released yet. And Shave and a haircut only works with Renderman Studio (+Renderman for Maya Pro).

If you have to do it now, bake out your animation and apply the fur in 2010 or earlier.


3Delight for Maya (

A free and excellent renderman compatible renderer with the ability to render shave and a haircut hair/fur, with a quick bit of fiddling around. You'll have to go through their 3 step process but it's quick.

07 July 2010, 10:57 PM
What about Maya Fur makes it look low quality? If you can eliminate the seams (difficult, but possible) it should render just as good as shave or anything else using MR hair primitives or external renderers like renderman.

Im not saying your wrong, I'm just wondering what about about Maya fur makes it unable to render quality fur compared to other fur tools like Shave or Cinema 4d?

07 July 2010, 06:16 AM
Seems like they were "quality" enough for about ten feature films, if not more. But I rather agree... I've never successfully pulled off truly convincing Maya Fur, even in stills really. Perhaps postwork is the key?

07 July 2010, 07:22 AM
Shave much more easy to sculpt. I made character with maya fur, and it takes me about 2 weeks.(Bunch of additional work with UVs and hair setup for dynamic).Than i made same job with shave for one day, even less. And for me- there is no difference in render quality.
So it worth to be used instead of maya Fur, and i guess it`s not a problem to move to early maya vertion.

07 July 2010, 06:27 AM
this is a message from shaveman user group

hi all,
we've posted our 5.5 version on the site, note there is a new downloads page :

It is not a free upgrade, there are some new features and 2011 support was
really quite a bear. I'm very sorry for the delays, but 2011 required quite a
few changes and a new platform (osx64) - and there were significant problems
with mentalray that we discovered just before we were about to release and had
to be worked around.

To buy the upgrade, just go to our 'buy' page, and send me your old .lic file.
There is no upgrade fee or key required for nodelocks (FREE), and anyone who's
purchased shave since March can just send in their lic file (with their receipt
for a free upgrade).

Ok, so the features.

1. we've added several new parameters to 'mult'. Offset and twist are for curls,
and there's also 'aspect' for flattening clumps in the direction of combing.
There's also a 'squirrel' checkbox which sharpens the color transitions form
root to tip.

2. hair display now takes thickness into account, this gives a much better
representation of the hair in the viewport (note: you will not see color unless
you are viewing it in shaded mode)

3. last but certainly not least, is Vray support. We have written our own vray
geo shaders and surface shaders (in one dll). You'll have to download the shader
to your maya20xx/vray/vrayplugins dir. Osx32 is crashy, we're looking into it,
don't think it's our bug.

Due to changes in mult, your old files will not appear the same hair for hair,
but they should look pretty much identical.

As always - just mail me with questions.

thanks -


07 July 2010, 10:02 AM
When i do instansing with Shave and object with non maya material(mia or p_megaTK) assighnet to it- maya2009 crashes. Anybody has same issure?

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07 July 2010, 10:02 AM
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