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View Full Version : lowest sub division displacement woes

07-02-2010, 03:31 AM
Hey Guys,

I've seen a number of posts in regard to zbrush displacement workflows, so I'm sorry to be making another one but I still cant seem to find the answer to my problems. I am still fairly new to zbrush but I understand that I've followed the displacement export procedure pretty well.

These models will be rigged and skinned so I'm hoping that I can do this at the lowest subdivision (my original max mesh) then just displace the detail in. Is this possible? The first issue I'm having is puckering around the eyes and apparent base mesh wire embossing. Its no where near as bad when displace the model at subD 1. The trouble is I'm really hoping to use subD 0 for skinning and riggings sake.


The next issue is the fine stepping in the model. It seems to be like max cant understand that this is a 16bit file. I've also had issues with a 32 bit file. I'm using zb3.5. I've noticed in the earlier versions there was a 'displacement code' but isn't in this version. The Displacement map size is 4K and the settings are 'smooth', dpsub pixel '2', adaptive 'on' and smooth UV 'on'
The following images are using the same displacement map but displacing a turbo smoothed plane.

Can anyone help me, please..?


07-02-2010, 02:34 PM
Hey Guys,

I'm the biggest noob in the world. I found out what I was doing wrong. In zbrush I had 'UV smooth' and 'adaptive' turned on and by the results I was getting they shouldn't have been. I also changed the filter to summed area and that seemed to greatly reduce the stepping. So this is really good. It means that I can animate my character at the lowest poly count. I thought I might have to step it up one level. :)


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07-02-2010, 02:34 PM
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