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The engine is basically A jet engine witch uses black energy for fuel. It absorb the black energy , compressing it before it lets it go into the turbine where it expands giving A enormous thrust propelling the hydro plane foreword with A enormous acceleration, top speed of this hydro plan is topped out jest below the speed of sound for safety reasons. Only the first 10% of the engine is rely needed for propulsion, the rest is for filtering out the radiation produced. The radiation can be recycled at a later time.

The craft:

Safety is important there are life boats reedy to use at a moments notes. If necessary the hydro wings can be decoupled and it can continue like a boat. Thar is highly sensitive senors tracking waves at long distant for early warning to avoid big waves, Whales, small boats witch may be in its path. This sensor is mounted at the to of a large antenna similar to the regular raider antenna. mounted lower down there are short range wave sensors for automatically adjusting the hydro foil for a smooth ride. Thar is one big viewing deck above the bridge, one mid sized deck for the rear and some small viewing decks along the hull in be twine the life boats. all covered in a translucent and impact resistant shield. The portholes have a minimum diameter of 1,5 meter. Thar are 10 decks for passengers, 5 decks for crew and engine room and misalliance. The captain has a to deck bridge witch is manned with approximation 10 crew.

The Word:

Global worming has gone its cores, the polar ice caps has melted. The wars over the diapering land masses are over. The world wide famine do to the climate change is over. Under water farming and sea based city's is a fact. City's are white to reduce es much of the heat es possible. Tram like "Highways" is used for inter building travel. Traveling in a plane is common but old fashion. Cars and boats are considered a expensive hobby.

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